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By Vikarious On 04/04/04  

Hey Girls. I haven't been able to post from home for a while, so please bear with me while I post about a million things.

My first question is about credit cards. I currently have a VISA through my credit union. It works just fine, no annual fee, I pay off the balance every month (if there is one...crazy eh?).

But, I'd like my card to offer me a little bit more. I'm going to be closing on my townhome soon and I know I'll need a TON of stuff and I kind of figure, what a better time to get a new card than now.

What I want is a card that will get me frequent flyer miles for my purchases. I know they exist, I just don't know which bank or company offers them. How do I go about finding one? My parents have one but they pay like an $80 annual fee and only get Northwest miles. I'd like something with NO fee that will maybe get me miles on other airlines...just to keep options open.

Does anyone have one of these cards? Can anyone recommend one? I'm not too concerned with the interest rates because they get paid off in full ALL the ifs, ands, or buts about it. But, the biggie is the no fee and preferabbly something with no black out dates, etc.

Please help me find one. I have a feeling earning my tickets through FF miles will be the only way I'll be able to fly for a few years,


By favorgrl On 04/04/04  

No experience with FF cards, but I know Amex and Capital One offer them. I'm about 99% sure the AMEX has an annual fee. I don't know about Capital One. I'm not much help, but it's a place to start. Oh, and the commercial says that the Capital One has no black out dates so you can travel when ever.


By angelam On 04/04/04  

One good place to start is the credit card link at the bottom of the glitter page, it's a site also maintained by gromco.

Other than that I have no advice since my credit is shitty. But I do get stuff in the mail from Southwest because I belong to their frequent flyer thing, urging me to get their miles card.

By SeraAngel On 04/04/04  

i have an american express airmiles card and i don't pay an annual fee. it depends on the type of card you get. mine doesn't have a fee but it takes longer to acquire points. those with an annual fee don't. check out the website or call american express to see what they offer.

By sobriquet On 04/05/04  

Discover has a bunch of options to choose from, and at least one (maybe more) gives you miles. I applied for one a couple of weeks ago, but my credit is amazingly shitty so I got turned down. Pfeh.

By swank On 04/05/04  

i know you mentioned a frequent flier mile card, but i just thought i'd mention a card i have that has a different rewards program that i really like.

i have a visa through State Farm Bank and it gives me 1% back on all of my purchases that you can use on any of their products - from insurance to getting a CD or using it toward paying your credit card bill. i generally put it toward my insurance and it basically ends up covering my renter's insurance each year which is pretty nice.

anyway, just another option that's out there. oh, and no annual fee.

By ookpik On 04/05/04  

you might try asking your existing credit union about other credit card options. they'd probably want to keep you as a customer and try to help out.

other random tip: if you start collecting airmiles on your cc, pay for EVERYTHING with plastic. bills, shopping, major appliances, everything. might as well rack up the points.

By jtsang On 04/06/04  

american express blue has a rewards program where you can buy stuff with your points or turn them into airline miles. the blue card has no annual fee.


By kittythedog On 04/06/04  


By outofrange On 04/07/04  

my dad has a capital one and they actually pay him to use it!
if he pays off his bill on time every month (which he does) he earns points and when they rack up to a certain amount they send him a check!

this is going to be my next card too because i have a visa through my credit union right now just like you but i qualify for a much higher amount at much lower interest...

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