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By .beatnik. On 04/04/04  

okay. i need advice on how to shrink a tshirt. the traditional method of washing in hot water and drying on high have been used a couple of times already with some success, but it just isn't small enough yet.

any ideas?

By ursonate On 04/04/04  

What are the fibers involved?

Usually you can shrink fabric by doing whatever the care directions say not to do.

By nicegirl512 On 04/05/04  

It's probably a cotton-polyester blend and you'be probably shrunk it as much as possible. Polyester keeps its shape in hot temperatures. If it's worthless to you the size it is and you don't mind risking ruining it, you could try boiling it or (better yet) using a pressure cooker. Is it out of the question to alter it by sewing?

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