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By Cadence On 04/04/04  

anyone know how to make one of these?

By bloomeenee On 04/04/04
I haven't tried this yet, but I intend to!
Hope its what you are looking for

By naturallysteph On 04/04/04  

I read in The Accidental Buddhist by Dinty Moore that the people who run Carolina Morning Designs -- -- make (or used to make) their travel zafus by sewing a fabric liner and placing a small, blow-up beach ball inside.

Of course, for day to day wear, it's probably not the best thing, but it sounds easy enough to make.


By Ambelina On 04/05/04  

I have one. They're quite nice, but I only use it for travel, so don't know how it would hold up day-to-day. The fabric cover will last, though, and is the same as a regular cushion cover, with slight modification to allow insert of (uninflated) beach ball.

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