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By birdandblue On 04/03/04  

I know there are a lot of reasons WalMart sucks, and I try not to shop there..however i did make the mistake of grocery shopping there on April 1st. Using my paypal debit card. Well today I went in to check my paypal balance to see that Walmart sent through 3 transactions for 107.34 each! Wiping out my entire paypal balance. I called paypal and they said on april 1st anyone who used a credit or debit card at any Walmart was charged three times (not just paypal any credit or debit) And it wont be fixed till monday!

You know how many people that would be! Sounds like a lousy april fools day joke :'(

By roxy_fondue On 04/03/04  

geez, that sounds so twisted. you'd think that walmart, being the mega-corporation that it is, would have had lawyers advise against this 'joke', as the repercussions seem to be extremely detrimental.

man, right when i thought that mega-corporations couldn't get any worse...

roxy the socialist

By askant269 On 04/03/04  

sounds like paypal might be the one playing the joke. i used my credit/debit card at walmart on 04/01 and it only went through once. same for my boyfriend.

paypal is very fond of passing the buck. you might want to call them back, though at this point if it's fixed monday it might not be worth the effort.

on a side note: paypal seriously screwed with my account several years ago when i was trying to make ebay pruchases through them (the same problem of running charges multiple times). so bad, in fact, that once the problem was fixed, i refused to buy from sellers who used paypal as their only means of payment. there used to be a website detailing similar problems at, but i don't know if it's been kept up recently.


By rratstarr On 04/05/04  

Don't feel bad. I just got a call to let me know that my debit card was charged in triplicate for a weekend at a bed-and-breakfast.

Although I don't know if it is related at all to what happened at Wal-Mart; the owner prefaced telling me by saying that I may have heard about it on the news, and she told me it was the fault of the company that processes their credit card transactions.

So frustrating.


By birdandblue On 04/03/04  

No, it really was walmart..I called walmarts corp # from their website and they blamed it on first data (the credit card processing company) She said "Oh first data caused the problem and here is the # for you to call them at." She said they have been getting calls all day...Of course the phone # is nothing but a recording saying "we are aware of the duplicate charges many cusatomers are experiencing...they should be re-credited to your account by tuesday"
By tuesday now! I cant imagine what I would do if my paypal account was the only $ I had...

By askant269 On 04/04/04  

"No, it really was walmart..I called walmarts corp # from their website and they blamed it on first data..."

yikes! well, regardless, i'm very sorry that you have to deal with this headache. i can't believe they are taking so long to deal with it. i would definitely see if there's a higher authority that you can complain to. often this will result in them bending over backwards to make sure you're taken care of.


By favorgrl On 04/03/04  

That sucks. I probably should go check my account balance.


By Melynn On 04/04/04  

That is just terrible. Anytime something like that happens, you get that feeling like-'oh yeah, I want to deal with this!'.

I had something similar happen to my debit card. I had a rental car, and you have to put up a credit or debit card when you get a rental. So they had it on file. But when I brought the car back I told them that I would pay cash for my rental. No one was there so I had to put my keys in the drop box. They said they would be there.
The next day I checked the balance in my checking account and I was way overdrawn. So I called the back and Enterprise rent-a-car had run my card through and each time, the balance wasn't available, so it electronically bounced my card, 50 bucks a pop.
So I called Enterprise and they said they didn't do it. Then he said we could take care of the rest of the balance over the phone. I told him I should have the entire balance due. I finally got him to realize that he did run my card with out my ok, and we got it taken care of, only after Wells Fargo had called Enterprise and threatened to sue them for the unauthorized use of an atm card.
It will all work out, it is just a pain in the butt the have to deal with it.

By copacetic On 04/04/04  

What a buncha crap! :( If you get screwed with any overdraft fees, I'd say go back to Wal-Mart, talk to the manager, and raise a stink. Charging your card *three* times?! Totally unacceptable!

And Enterprise pulled that same crap with me, too!!! They ran my card twice, ate up all my available funds, and I got screwed with overdraft fees! I wish I would've thought to get Wells Fargo involved. :-/ When I complained to Enterprise, they just blew me off! :( Grumble, grumble!!!

By sincerelyme On 04/04/04  

I HATE Walmart. HATE. It's visceral.

I never shop there. I go to Target and to Costco.
Speaking of Costco, I just read an article about them. While the rest of the country is following the Walmart example of getting rid of unions, paying piss-poor wages, and offering health insurance that their employees CAN'T AFFORD!, Costco is going the opposite route. They pay at least 3 times the wages that Walmark does, offer great health insurance, and try to keep their employees happy and healthy. They even encourage unions. sigh. I'm in love with a corporation.

Sincerely me

By roxy_fondue On 04/04/04

By rita0373 On 04/04/04  

Credit, Debit Cards May Have Overbilled in Triplicate!

By KYW's John McDevitt
Check your credit card statements. If you used a charge or debt card last Wednesday, you could have been billed up to three times.

Officials at an electronic payments processing company, First Data corporation, say a computer hardware problem caused more than 800-thousand credit and debit card users to be doubled billed and in some cases triple billed. The transactions took place in stores nationwide including Walmart.

Stacy Busby is the Denver-based companies spokeswoman:

"It will probably show up on their April first statement and then those charges should be reversed out so they would only have one bill to charge. And we want people to check and make sure that those are reversed out on their statements to make sure they are not getting over charged for anything."

Busby says the reversals may not show up until Tuesday. For more information, you can call toll free hotline at 888-893-0626.

Busby says "First Data" experienced a computer hardware problem that effected Mastercard and Visa transactions at Wal-Mart and a few other merchant locations. In some of these incidents the problem resulted in triplicate postings to consumer's debit and credit card accounts.

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