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By Plastictart On 04/03/04  

I just recently made my first scarf.....but it's completely curled...looks more like a REALLY long sock..... I tried blocking it a couple of times and then realized that it wouldn't work because the yarn is half there a stitch I can do when working with non natural fibers so it will stay flat? It seems like I've read that there was...but I can't remember where I read it or what stitch it was.

By jezze On 04/03/04  

You can knit the whole thing in garter stitch or moss stitch, or just do a few stitches at each edge in those stitches. About 2cm wide minimum, I think. Or what about knitting the whole thing in ribbing?

By Katrin On 04/03/04  

Stockinette stitch (all knitted on one side & all purled on the other) will always curl like that, no matter what type of yarn - it's because of the shape of the stitches.

Garter, seed and moss stitches will lie flat. For garter stitch, just knit every row (remember, a purl is just the back side of a knit stitch). Your scarf will be kind of ridged-looking and more stretchy than stockinette.

For seed stitch, alternate knit and purl stitches. Start with an odd number of stitches and knit/purl the same way on both sides - i.e., always start and end with a knit stitch no matter which side you're on.

I don't think I've ever tried moss stitch, but I found these simple instructions:
Start with an even number of stitches.
Rows 1 and 2 - k1, p1 all the way across.
Rows 3 and 4 - p1, k1 all the way across.
Just keep repeating these four rows.
That sounds like it will make kind of a "double" seed stitch, kind of a 2x2 "check" instead of a 1x1.

Knitting the whole scarf ribbed will work too - a ribbed scarf will be narrower and stretchy from side to side.

By Ziza On 04/03/04  

Just to add, seed stitch is super attractive.

By stumblebum On 04/04/04  

or knit your scarf in Stockinette stitch twice as wide as you want it, then just sew up the sides. This way you don't have a bad side and it won't curl up

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