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By cece On 04/02/04  

I wanted to make a small sign with a verse of my wedding song for a gift. I thought that i would do it on wood but not sure where to begin. Im not sure if i should paint it or burn it.. when do i stain it...Can anyone help.

By ursonate On 04/02/04  

What do you want it to look like?

By lizzymahoney On 04/03/04  

You can probably get more detail in a smaller area with wood burning, unless you are talented with a paintbrush.

Are you going to use a premade plaque or rough wood or what? Smooth is easier if you have no experience. You might want to run some fine sandpaper or steel wool over the surface to burnish it.

Apply your image, then clear coat it with your finish. If you truly want a wood stain, your paint should go on top but your wood burning should go underneath.

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