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By askant269 On 04/02/04  

hey everyone! just wanted to let you all know i arrived safe and sound in atl earlier this week. the move ended up taking two days, and i was (un?;])fortunate enough to find a job that started on wednesday, so it's been a hectic week. but! i'm finally here. so where are y'all at?

yay!! =]

By Cayta On 04/03/04  

I live in Alpharetta but I work mostly in town. (I sell beer) I hope that your new job goes well and that you haven't had any problems with your move. If you aren't TOO busy you should check out the Dogwood Festival. Lots of art and junk food. Funnel cakes yum...
Welcome to the ATL!!!

By Knittinator On 04/03/04  

Yaaay! Welcome welcome! I was goign to suggest the Dogwood Festival too. Im in the Sandy Springs area. When things settle down for you we should all get together to welcome you here!


By askant269 On 04/03/04  

i've been hearing about the dogwood festival all week on the radio (those quizno's-esque commercials on 99.7 are funny, that and the bush "cabbage" commercial). i'm going to try to brave my way down there tomorrow. i *heart* funnel cakes!

we are currently in smyrna. everyone i tell that to wrinkles their nose when i say it. unfortunately, given the timing of the move, we really didn't have many more options. the apartments we wanted in druid hills and around buckhead weren't available in time for us, and i didn't want to be all the way out in the boonies in newnan. we only signed a 6 month lease here so that we could take more time to look once we got down here and i had a job and whatnot.

i'm just about finished unpacking. we got rid of so much stuff before the move that this part has been fairly painless. i work in the perimeter area until 5.30, and for the next two months my so works until 11 pm at the airport fri-mon (has tue-thur off) so if anyone wants to get together on the weekends or on mon or fri night, i am *so* down. i can't wait to meet you guys!!

let me know if you want to get in touch and i'll get you my contacts. the email listed in my profile is no longer active. =]

By askant269 On 04/04/04  

*bump* for anyone else going to the dogwood festival today? maybe we could meet up.


By becca_13 On 04/05/04  

welcome to the atl! we will have to plan a get together soon!

By caropop On 04/05/04  


I'm all up for a meeting! (though not something as crazy as Dogwood fest that involves insanely massive hordes of people and a sunburn)

By anniebeegoode On 04/05/04  

welcome and looking forward to meeting you.

btw, it was great to meet you the other night becca!

By becca_13 On 04/05/04  

you too! (and for the record anne is one stylin chicka!)

By askant269 On 04/05/04  

i didn't end up going to the dogwood festival after all...i had to much to do at home, and something told me that i might not want to hit something that sounded pretty crowded on my first week here and by myself.

for the moment i can be reached at pixie269 (at) yahoo if anyone wants to contact me and try to plan to get together. i'm up for just about anything at anytime.

By Cayta On 04/06/04  

You said you lived in Smyrna? I have a couple of accounts out there that are great places to eat. Bella's Pizza on Atlanta Rd has great food and Atkins Park(also on Atl rd)is a nice bar/restaurant. Hopefully, we will have even more soon! I would love to meet up with more Glitterati at some point. My email is in my profile and I am all over the metro area all week, so if you guys are not busy, let me know!!

By laoni On 04/07/04  

Just saw this and wanted to add my welcome. Hope you're settling in ok. I'd definitely be up for a meet-up sometime. My email should be in my profile.

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