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By Knittinator On 04/02/04  

Just found this!>

Any idea whats going on with that?


By Eva666 On 04/02/04  

i immedietly went straight to the 'lifetime' movie-like plot and assumed she had some sort of split personality problem. she bought the tape, rope, cold meds herself... or else just a desperate cry for attention. it's sort of sad but honestly it sounded fishy from the beginning. esp once you saw the video of her leaving by herself.

By scifininja On 04/02/04  

I think someone did that on the soap oprah I watch, like six times. No, wait, five, Jessica did a fake threat letter not an actual kidnapping.
I hope it wasn't for money.

By mgdriver On 04/03/04  

jeez, was that pathetic or what??? the ones where they turn up dead aren't dramatic enough for this chick? this could take years of therapy!

By denimqueen On 04/03/04  

too bad for people who really get abducted. will their credibility be undermined? I hope not.
Classically "the boy who cried wolf".

By looloo On 04/05/04  

On that note, what if she really gets abducted? Would she be looked for as frantically?

By valagator On 04/05/04  

I would not be surprised if she was taken by aliens... seriously tho, I feel sorry for her, and her family.

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