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By boxless On 04/02/04  

Since I looove lists and all, I thought I should make one for my current obsessions.

modest mouse, bob marley, wavy hair, CLEAN perfume, Demeter Grass, my smiley faced cloud robe, Demeter Dirt, birkenstock boston clogs, hemp jewelry, pilates, DIY projects, clinique lipgloss in whisper, taking my dog to the park, daisies, crafting, the four agreements, a heartbreaking work of staggering genius, captain morgan parrot bay rum, folk art, drew barrymore, gardening, those green frog rain boots, fitted denim jackets, hippie skirts, forehead kisses, supporting my fellow crafters, volunteering, brow waxes, and spending my money for a good cause (ie: especially when I see a child having a bakesale, or someone comes to my door to solicit something; if they take the time to come to my door, the least i can do is buy something)

What have you recently fallen in love with?

By KattWalk On 04/02/04  

my pregnant belly, strawberries, walking my dog, caldrea cleaners, vilmain items, grapefruit juice, naps, cooking home-style meals, grocery shopping, ny times online, reading lots of hip mama resources.

By NeesyPea On 04/02/04  

Nutella (thanks to a thread on glitter)
Fructis Conditioner
Country Potato Bread *light*
Orange Bell Peppers
flower clips (that I make) in my hair!

By AirForceLady On 04/02/04  

twix, fruity water, activism i'm allowed to do (yet another reason i'm discontented with the military), shiny objects, relevant magazine/books, cadbury cream eggs, Christianty

By AesSedai On 04/02/04  

~BPAL oils (an ongoing obsession)
~Soon to be Bare Escentuals products that I ~just ordered on Ebay
~LUSH Karma something or other shampoo bar (out of production i think)
~ice cream with peanut butter stuff in it
~Waist Watchers soda (made with Splenda)- 0 everything and good if you are going to drink soda
~walking long distances on nice days

By son_sue On 04/02/04  

That Prada tinted lip balm; I just bought some baby tubes on Ebay for cheap and I now know why it's expensive, it's like buttah. Using Jane eyeshadow as eyeliner with my new eyeliner brush (jane's eyeshadows are very pigmented and beautiful, good quality stuff). Lady Grey tea (like earl grey with bergamot, but orange instead of lemon). The book, Pink Think. Hearing about my fiance's new job as a veterinarian assistant (he loves it and can spout some fascinating stuff). Caffeinated mints. And since i'm a big ol' lush, those TGI friday mixes with the liquor already in them, particularly the mudslides (i don't usually drink mixed drinks but a buddy brought it over and man oh man).

By supergirl On 04/02/04  

longboarding, mike!, concerts.

By eat_the_day On 04/02/04  

lol fun thread!
instant noodles, lip gloss(the ones that come
with the spongie tips), earrings, going to the library and oh god theres just so much!

By sarahelizabeth On 04/02/04  

my new haircut
my new cute boy friendster penpal
my friends
burt's bees lip balm
polka dots
the new red shoes i want from old navy
ben folds cd

By sunkissedmiss On 04/02/04  


cute little raspberry candies I'm munching on
grapefruit sweets that I just finished
thinking about hairstyles I want (and probably won't get)
cleaning my room
procrastinating my laundry

By Eva666 On 04/02/04  

*flaming lips~ i recently broke out the 'yoshimi' album again and wondered why i ever put it away

*body shop body butter (nut)

*alterna hemp hair wax

*bbc's 'what not to wear' (on demand)

*large iced americanos from a local cafe i stop at every morning

*making a portfolio of each of my pets via my new digital & ;)

*burts bee's lip balm

*a purple striped skirt from j.jill that i have yet to buy..

By starkittn On 04/02/04  

graphic novels, selling things on amazon marketplace, the beatles/george harrison, swimming, aquolina pink sugar perfume, philosophy facial products, my library, beulah, the shins, the softies, hawiian sweet bread with farmers cheese, the new milk crate on the back of my bike, friends reruns.

By kayke On 04/02/04  

Liz Phair's Exile in Guyville and Whitechocolatespaceegg.
did I mention drinking?
sushi. just had it for the first time on Tuesday and it's delish.

Did I mention that I'm going through a breakup? Meh.


By miss kay On 04/03/04  

ooh fun.
i'm obsessed with:
sleeping in (when i shouldn't be)
staying up late (when i shouldn't be)
making my non-commercial tan purse
wondering about the skirt that i'm trying to make out of jeans
constantly searching for my library card
thinking about all the good books i'd read if i had the time and my library card
trying to figure out how much a good pedicure costs
prom bets
anguish of shaving/body hair in general
watching "school of rock" with my parents
fructis shampoo
my new liquid eyeliner (err, the cheap kind. "love my eyes" or something.)
college searches.

welcome to my world: more intangible than tangible.

By rhinokey On 04/03/04  

My gigantic new bed, with my even more gigantic new quilt on it, my lunatic puppydog who just learnt to bring the paper to us rather than ripping it to shreds, getting paid to do crafts with kids, crayola model magic (seriously, if you haven't used this yet, get some! It's all cool and foamy, and better yet, mess-free), scouring the beach for pebbles to paint, daffodils and freesias, corn on the cob with butter, Formby red squirrel reserve (ladyjane would go nuts!), the kids who really believed that the easter bunny came into class while they weren't there to leave easter eggs for them.

I think that's it for now!

Liz x

By denimqueen On 04/03/04  

shoes, shoes and more shoes
diy projects
good music
my computer/the internet
getting/wanting a puppy

By shampoo martini On 04/03/04  

in no particular order, my current obsessions are:

the family guy, radiohead-ok computer, smashing pumpkins-gish, how to become happy again, tea, trying not to eat so much, journal writing, where and how to meet new friends, smoking cigarettes, coffee, bed head shampoo, working, finding new roommates, thrift store shopping, and obsesssing about all the little things that i never get done on a daily basis. and lets not forget, sushi!

not as bliss stricken as everybody else's but it was OBSESSIONS....and at times those arent blissful.

By jasmineT On 04/03/04  

current obsessions: wonderfalls, playing guitar and writing songs, my patio gardening project (with bamboo, pavers, and water channel), Vaseline renew and protect lotion (has worked wonders for little shaving bumps), protesting the state's increasing reliance on gambling as a revenue stream, searching for a minivan that won't break the bank or break down, and, finally, my new medicine (Plaquenil) that is finally working so I can do things again!

God, I'm so suburban...

By .beatnik. On 04/04/04  

demeter thunderstorm, diet cherry coke, augusten burroughs, origins milkbath, modest mouse, lucero, vietnamese food, cookouts, long walks around my neighborhood, going to the park, deli sandwiches, sealab 2021, black eyeliner, jamie (my sweetie), bacardi, pbr, bangs, smoking the ganja (teehee), sidewalk chalk, religious kitsch items, dr. pepper chapstick, collages, iced soy vanilla lattes, eggplant parmesan, guacamole potato chips

By thesecondmagpie On 04/04/04  

currently my list of obessions include....
the zine I am working on
garage sales
doves exfoiliating soap
making lists
joanna newsom (harpist extrodinare)
cat power ( all of her records)
woodpecker cider
swedish meatbals and lingonberries
young people
lemonade stands
cat stevens
my husbands hat and his cartoons
andy warhol's diary
cigarettes, (i want to quit but the cravings wont allow it so I am content to keep on)
smokey and miho
anything containing bergmot
leonard cohen (I lost my cd some where and am obsessing about it)
finishing the construction on my apt
a job possibility (high paying but long hours)
my herb garden
ect ect ect

By Elf_Chick On 04/04/04  

some are long-term, some more recent:


the Bungalow/Craftsman style of architecture/design

the Algonquin Round Table

small ceramic things (i keep picking up little cups, bowls, pots...i got some neat ones at Pottery Barn that fit perfectly between your handa, like a teacup should, but they have no handle. And i got some neat little squarish pots each with a mantis on it that kind of looks like an abstract line drawing or kind of like kanji writing)

planning little care packages for friends (i spend so much on postage)

used bookstores

jewelry (the same old stuff i always wear: an old ring, a green fabric cuff bracelet with beading, necklaces i made -- but i keep getting comments on them. i am currently coveting an ankle bracelet that i saw at Foley's last night)

stationary (i am still questing for big blank notecards that have a cool [not cheesy or overly girly] image on them)


By kale On 04/04/04  

noro silk garden
guacamole (that "guacamole lays" thread did me in)
anything chartreuse
hand-dyed silk (well, silk in general)
daffodils (trader joe's has bunches of 10 for 99 cents!)
Aquaria:the complete aquarium collection on DVD
double pointed needles
banana bread
Naxos, my favorite greek island
Astrud Gilberto

By teriyakipuck On 04/04/04  

Warm weather, Diet Dr. Thunder, sewing, Marilyn Manson, listening to techno while sewing. lusting over a tiny MP3 player. Goodwill. black and gray. and black. writing dark poetry and using big words to annoy my friend. Being alone (but my roommates come back today :o(
and of course, my ongoing obession with snap tape. oh yeah, and glitter!

By esyla On 04/04/04  

Oh this is fun, everyone sounds so happy and put together when listing obsessions.
here are mine:

John Frusciante, V8, black, Modest Mouse, eyeliner and mascara, seashells, Vans skate shoes, California, pink sand, red candles, Heat lipglow by Body and Soul, chickpeas, myrrh, sleeping, hammocks, foreign films, and more John Frusciante.

By Alterego On 04/04/04  

Hmmm . . .

the bass player from the Wrens, apricot tea with soy milk, spring--so many leaves and flowers everywhere!, beer, the "I wish I were a Carpenter" tribute album that I've been rediscovering every few years since the ninth grade, dancing around the house in my cute new pairs of underwear, orange-avocado-baked tofu-nasturtium-mixed greens salads, my big white fuzzy rug that I just got in lieu of a couch, running, planning my yardsale-for-charity, taking pictures with my Pop Cam, all the knitting and reading I cannot do cause I'm too busy (including a beautiful sarong pattern that seriously gives me butterflies in my stomach too think about), being single again!! (but with a little something/someone to keep me occupied)

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