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By SublimeStitcher On 04/02/04  

Hey Ladies,

I thought I'd tell you all first: I'm partially discontinuing one of my pattern styles. "Rockabilly Swing"

But! It will be replaced with a new sheet called "Country Cool" . I had tons of requests for cowboy boots, cactus, lasso...stuff like that. So once it sells out, Rockabilly Swing will re-emerge shiny and new.

By bebe On 04/03/04  

that sounds totally cool. I haven't seen the other one, but I'm going to check out you're patterns! I keep hearing so much about them.

By rhinokey On 04/04/04  

SS, I just wanted to say how much fun I had with my tea towel kit. My 80 year old rockin' grandma loved her 'mother' tattoed tea towel - the perfect mother's day gift for the hardcore cake baker ;). Teetotal grandad is slightly less keen on my new martini glass t-shirt though...

The Dachshund one is cute - think I may be making another purchase as soon as funds will allow.

Liz x

By SublimeStitcher On 04/05/04  

That's so funny! Did you give the martini glass shirt to your grandpa, or is it yours?

I think the funniest, most offensive thing anyone has done with my patterns is put the martini and cigarettes on baby onesies:

By karikazo On 04/05/04  

SS, will the rattlesnake, pistols, and horseshoes be included in the new sheet?

Love all your patterns.

By SublimeStitcher On 04/05/04  

Pistols, check. Horseshoes, check. The rattlesnake was changed, made smaller and simpler.

I'm about to work on a new pattern line...any requests/ suggestions?

By vixiousme On 04/06/04  

love the pin ups and the tattoos. do you have one with the mudflap girls , maybe mudflap boys.

By caropop On 04/06/04  

mudflap boys would be great!!

By nakedfotolady On 04/05/04  

i will miss the busty cowgirl from that pattern. is she going to be recreated anywhere? i love the mudflap lady shape!


By Snufkin On 04/06/04  

You should total do one of Texas symbols and icons. Even after living there, I can't get over how much emphasis that state puts on things like its shape (I'm thinking of PCL library and the HEB Texas tortilla chips) or symbols like the Bluebonnet or armadillos. I'd suggest the Alamo, but that's kind of a touchy subject - certainly wouldn't want the Daughters of the Texas Republic coming after you!

Other suggestions? How about Dia de los Muertos ( Or La Virgen de Guadelupe (

By Alicewonderland On 04/06/04  

Believe it or not, sewing. I would love to have dressmakers forms, and funky sewing machines to stitch as a boarder onto a sewing room curtain, or something. Needles with threads that spelled things, that sort of stuff. Horay!

By karikazo On 04/06/04  

Candies of a lot of different shapes could be cute. mmm. food.

By SublimeStitcher On 04/06/04  

"i will miss the busty cowgirl from that pattern. is she going to be recreated anywhere?"

She is still on the sheet! I couldn't part with her. I wonder if legally I could do the mudflap girls or not.

Keep 'em coming! I always take into consideration suggestions like these...

By none On 04/06/04  

i'd love to see a garden theme. veggies, flowers, little tools, a bag of dirt even?

or maybe a nautical theme. sailors and stuff!

eta: i'm just going by memory, you may already have these and I've forgotten!

By rita0373 On 04/06/04  

I have a question, the Stitch It kit coming out later this year - is it just a book or is it a kit with thread, hoop, etc?

By SublimeStitcher On 04/06/04  

It's both! The Stitch It Kit will have a hoop, needle, seven colors of floss, two tea towels, a full-color book with photos of finished projects, 7 stitching lessons / diagrams, tips, anecdotes and 30 brand new transfer patterns that I designed exclusively for them. It will all come in a clamshell gift box, and I believe will retail for under $25.

I hope you guys will like it! If it sells well, then they'll probably release more pattern books from me. I hope, I hope..

By rita0373 On 04/07/04  

GREAT!! I know something that will be on my Christmas list. (I'm not thinking ahead am I?)

By invisilurker On 04/07/04  

That stitch kit sounds absolutely awesome..
I think I'll have to save up for that and buy it!
I love all your patterns so much, and someday I'll buy a bunch. You have the cutest designs, and such reasonable prices. I'm really happy that you made your website, cuz it's great!
I still have that sheet you sent me as a thank you for helping you with your computer on a thread here, somewhere. Unfortunately, I can't find it. Hopefully it re-emerges from my room soon though. I keep wondering if I accidently threw it away in a stack of papers.
At any rate though, it's okay, because I'm planning on ordering from you soon. =]

I adore the Tiki, the Asian, and the Sci Fi patterns sooo much.

It would be cute to have one with teacups...but that's because I am a tea addict. Maybe cartoony tea bags and dancing spoons..? lol.

By teagrrl On 04/07/04  

JediEmpressMel: how weird, I ordered two pattern sheets (the Chinese and the sci-fi ones...I think) a couple of days ago, and I actually suggested a tea-themed pattern sheet (when I ordered)! I guess great minds think alike... :-) (fresh tea leaves? Tea pots? Scones? :-)

I also think a 'books' pattern sheet would be cool, but maybe it's difficult to come up with anything else but books to put on it...(I know that _I_ can't think of much else...except for book worms, or librarians :-)

Or how about a travel theme?

By sunkissedmiss On 04/07/04  


the martini glass on the onesie is hilarious!

I would like to ditto a mudflap boy ... and the gardening implements. :)

By rhinokey On 04/07/04  

The martini shirt is mine, I don't think he'd ever speak to me again if I gave it to him!

I second the dressmaker/sewing suggestion, and add 20's flappers and everthing that goes with them - rosebud lips, cigarette holders, old time microphones, rich guys in sharp suits... etc etc.

The new kit sounds amazing - is that going to be sold through your site or is it being carried by a local store?

Liz x

By Rzngrl On 04/07/04  

I second candy!


By sparklepoppy On 04/07/04  

I second 20s flappers! And teacups.

By sporadicity On 04/07/04  

It might be cheesy, but I'd love a crafty themed sheet such as knitting, and scissors, and cut out paper dolls, etc...

By costumekitten On 04/07/04  

oooh! so when is the kit going to be available??? i have been so broke that i havent spent any money on fun things lately, even though your patterns are way at the top of my list! they are so cute! but the kit sounds absolutely perfect!!!

for new patterns... i like the tea stuff idea too! and the dia de los muertos idea. keep up the amazing work! :)

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