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By favorgrl On 04/02/04  

I'm putting off cleaning my house by posting my Good Things for the week.

-Book sale at the library tomorrow
-super cute new haircut. I cut off ALL of my hair
-My Dad bought me the Joss Stone Cd
-enjoying a tasty swirl pudding pop
-ordered some new jewelry making supplies
-I donated blood for the first time and survived


By trishie On 04/02/04  

ohh! I'm having a good week:

-I'm in loooooove with the most beautiful man (inside and out!) ever
-I got an A on my collection development paper
-I haven't spilled anything on my octopus shirt
-it's not horribly cold anymore
-going to buy pudding pops tonight! I keep forgetting!

By copacetic On 04/02/04  

yay for good things! :)

* i just got back from taking my oldest kitty to her annual exam, and she's the healthiest she's ever been! BIG YAY!

* i got the japanese thermal straightening thingie. my hair is so damn soft i can't stop running my fingers through it!

* i finally got to see "the office" christmas specials and they made me happy!

By modforpretend On 04/02/04  

woah trishie- where'd you get an octopus shirt? I know someone who needs one!

By hazel1 On 04/02/04  

you know, i saw this thread and the only good thing i could think of was..."it's friday"

but that was before i got my performance evaluation at work...

and a $3500 raise!!

Thank God for good things! :)

By Alicewonderland On 04/02/04  

I dyed my hair for the first time in my life. Its BEAUTIFUL!

Its super sunny and nice out today (though a little windy)

I move out of the dorms next wednesday!

and into my appartment on the seventeenth! yay!

By Alicewonderland On 04/02/04  

I dyed my hair for the first time in my life. Its BEAUTIFUL!

Its super sunny and nice out today (though a little windy)

I move out of the dorms next wednesday!

and into my apartment on the seventeenth! yay!

By sunkissedmiss On 04/02/04  

It's Friday
Lab went well
Went to office hours with my prof for an exam this Monday, they were very helpful
Had some good dinner

By CraftinFool On 04/03/04  

*I finally found a migraine med that works!!! And works fast and didn't make me sleepy. I've suffered with these for about 14 yrs.

*Almost looking like spring around here

*I got accepted into my graduate program and my employer pays tuition

*I'm working on a baby blanket for a coworker and it's coming out really nice

ETA: copacetic, what's the japanese thermal straightening thingie? Sounds intriguing

By copacetic On 04/03/04  

It's so cool! :) It's this hair-straightening procedure that originated in Japan and it makes your hair nice and straight and shiny! I have really coarse, frizzy hair that's always driven me crazy, so I'm soo happy to have calm hair for the first time in my life! :)))

By sobriquet On 04/03/04  

- My friend Andrew (who recently moved across the country, from Washington, DC to Albequerque) surprised me at work yesterday! He's gonna be in town for 3 weeks! *happy dance*

- I'm starting to get used to my job after about a month - the high volume of customers doesn't stress me out anymore

- As long as my friends and I make the effort, our housing situation will be fantastic by summer

- (warning: shallow) I tried the two-in-one shampoo/conditioner from Garnier Fructis and my hair looks fantastic

- (shallower still) My new mascara (Revlon Lash Fantasy) makes me look like I'm wearing fakes

- My best friend and I are getting closer again, we'd grown a touch distant for a while and it was getting me down

By teriyakipuck On 04/03/04  

-it's still spring break (for two more days)!
- almost have my dress done for Senior Gala
- listening to MusicMatch Jukebox Online Music (artist search) thingy. If you haven't discovered this feature of MM and have a good connection, you SHOULD! You will be an addict in no time.
-leftover Chinese food (yum) and cheesecake.
-am having a blast ALONE in the dorm this week!
-am going to dress as hardcore as possible, go to Walmart and scare the kiddies. Just kidding about scaring the kiddies but I am feeling very dark today!
-it's cold in my room so I get to snuggle warm under the blankets :o) - which is where I've been half the day, lazing in bed!

By Elf_Chick On 04/05/04  

- having a lot of time this week to work on school projects
- butter pecan ice cream
- running into friends unexpectly while out and about
- honeybaked ham!
- the snowcone place being open!
- kitty cats
- cute new haircuts

hey, that's a lot for a Monday morning!


By Katrin On 04/05/04  

- I'm back doing a temp job at the same office where I was a couple weeks ago - low-key, relaxing work for pretty good pay.
- I got 1½ purses made last night for birthday presents for friends.
- I thought of a great, easy-to-make birthday present idea for a guy friend.
- I finally screenprinted my own labels on ribbon to put in my purses - and about half of them were actually usable :)
- Kitty cats!

By lilmissunshine On 04/05/04  

*just finished a great workout on the elliptical
* going to the farm stand after work - mmmm fresh fruit
* the guy that sits next to me just had his first baby and he is SO CUTE about it
* new black flats with flowers on them
* fun, electric, maybe crush on friend boy

By Lyssalicious On 04/05/04  

* It's gorgeous outside today. 61 and sunny, hooray!
* I had a really excellent weekend.
* Among the weekend festivities, buying ice cream and beer.
* My Fake Internet Boyfriend and I had a Fake Internet Breakup last week, and I'm actually way over it already.
* Tomorrow I get to go to New York City!
* Last night I finally saw "One Hour Photo." Brilliant.

By favorgrl On 04/06/04  

teagrrl- congrats on the driving test!!

-I made a yummy carrot cake last night
-going to feed the ducks at the lake tomorrow if the weather is nice
-almost finished with my Mom's ring I'm making her for Mother's day
-my parents are going on vacation and their dog is coming to stay with us
-perfect, beautiful weather today


By AirForceLady On 04/06/04  

My situation with the military may be painless, and i may be finished with it by the time the fall semester begins for a community college
Slow day in finance=less work for me

By costumekitten On 04/06/04  

- had a great session with my trainer today
- had an amazing saturday night when i got to meet one of my idols, steve bartek from oingo boingo! yay!
- drinking a vanilla coke. yum!
- went to trader joes and got lots of good food (inspired by the vegetarian pantry thread)
- working with my favourite co-worker tonight. should be a fun, laid back evening
- saw a possum walking on my fence this morning! its rare to see any wildlife in the middle of busy OC


By nicegirl512 On 04/06/04  

*Going to San Antonio this weekend!
*Wearing a skirt tomorrow, cold weather be damned. I cannot wear pants for one more day.
*My decorating books came into the library! Soon I will be a decorating maven. Or at least have some ideas.
*Had yummy black bean salad for lunch (homemade of course) with avocado off my grandfather's tree that I brought back from California.
*Got my Bridget Jones DVD and watching it tomorrow

By son_sue On 04/06/04  

I'm off work today and tomorrow, feeling saucy enough to call up work and also request Thursday off, ha!!

My cat, Bob, has no more worms/parasites! I got him as a stray about 7 months ago and he was abused (someone kicked him in the face and actually broke his face, I kid you not; we got him on antibiotics and believe it or not,it is completely healed) and had a lot of fleas and worms, was also malnourished. We kept taking him to the vet and it took 4 rounds of medication to get him completely free of worms because the vet told me Bob had a rare parasite that cats get from eating frogs and crayfish since he was a stray cat. The little nipper is doing great; he's now only an indoors cat and is spoiled rotten. He is so beautiful and brings us such joy; I am so relieved to know he's got a clean bill of health. WHEW

By advil On 04/06/04  

Congrats for the cats'health, the driver license, and all the good things!

* Benoît (the French boy I have been telling you about since I post here) feels about me the same way I feel about him.
* A friend who doesn't usually show much care about my personal situation helped me see a failure in a softer perpective.
* A communication I proposed at a congress as been accepted!
* Joan of Arcadia is back on the air. And Joan is finally liking Adam, and I realised like Adam, the first man! (Way too bubbly, sorry)
* My brother put a small french group I have been lurking since last summer on a CD for me and I can listen to it over and over and it's still so good!
* I met a guy last Saturday with whom nothing will happen, but it was a nice evening and made me feel worthy.
* I like Glitter.
* I took so much care in making me look nice thinking that I would see that Saturday guy that I am still all moisturized and plucked and everything, and it's actually quite nice.
*I used a very nice glass to drink my apple juice.
* My thesis should be over by mid-August.

By Elf_Chick On 04/06/04  

- first snowcone of the season this afternoon, and a McDonalds sausage biscuit for breakfast. Not healthy, but oh so tasty once in a while.

- did the harder Pilates session on my tape today. i'm getting stronger at it too.

- got one big assignment for one class done

- i love my new haircut!!

- friends are coming for dinner on Saturday

- nacreous pale pink nail polish


By tattooedbunny On 04/06/04  

-got some new clothes
-designed a new tattoo for my little sis
-work is going well for now
-good sex last night with hubby
-getting more work on my tattoo on friday
hhmmmmmm what else

By FailingAngst On 04/06/04  

One major good thing:
Saw Lost Prophets last night at Jannus Landing. And Janus Landing has GREAT acoustics.

2nd thing: feeling okay rather than flat out depressed, and that's always a good place to start =0p

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