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By val3ntine On 04/02/04  

forgive me if you already do this, but I was just so durn excited...
I saw a Knitter's Journal at Barnes & Noble. Each page has a form @ the top where you put the name of the garment, date started & completed, who it's for, where the pattern came from, gauge, fiber content. Then there's a box to glue in a sample of the yarn or the yarn label, and another box to put a photograph of the finished project. And in the back were conversion charts and a chart to keep track of your needle inventory. I am so making one a journal like this!
And if you sew, I'm sure you can make a journal to keep track of your sewn projects too.

By crazybones On 04/02/04  

I saw that too! I wanted to buy it but thought that I should try making one! If you make this, pleeeeze post your results! :)

By ursonate On 04/02/04  

The one at B&N is kind of weak and overpriced, I thought. I've been speculating on creating one for a whiel. It'll still be overpriced, but it'll be so much better!

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