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By Fanglord2 On 04/02/04  

I'm new here as a poster, but I scan the board often for helpful hints and fun diy websites to check out.
Is there such a thing as a standard Consignment Invoice? One that you give the shop where you're selling your stuff? Or is that something they should be providing? I did a keyword search in the archives and also checked out a few websites, but I haven't found anything specifically on the actual invoice. I dropped some purses off recently at a coffeeshop and handwrote an invoice with the shop owner's input (I was on vacation so it was all kind've informal) where I pretty much just listed the price we agreed on, how many purses and the amount I would get when they sold. It has both of our signatures on it as well.
Any helpful advice out there?
> (although my website's kinda scroungy right now, I've been doing all my selling word-of-mouth and haven't had time to revamp it)

By jennymeg On 04/02/04  

I've only done the online consignment lately, but in both cases, both parties signed an agreement, both keeping a copy. These would be your terms. And I included a packing slip with my goods, listing item specifics, plus the suggested retail price.

By Fanglord2 On 04/02/04  


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