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By VioletKarma On 04/01/04  

"Free Celebrity Wake Up Call. Robin Leach is the star of the show "Lives of the Rich and Famous" and he'd like to give everyone a free wake up call on Monday, April 5, 2004 .... because he knows how difficult it is to get up on that first Monday after Daylight Saving Time! To get your free call, dial 1-866-MH-CALLS. You can have this put on your cell phone, too!"

...I called for mine. It's a promotion for Maxwell's House, so when you call, you'll hear some coffee talk nonsense. Haha, I don't know why I'm all excited to get a prerecorded wake up call from a B-list celeb...but I am.

By mgdriver On 04/02/04  

too goofy- i'll do it! and possibly to a few friends, too!

By antigone On 04/02/04  

uhm, april's fools? no?

By VioletKarma On 04/04/04  

Only 8 more hrs for mine...

By sarahelizabeth On 04/04/04  

haha! i just registered for it, too. frankly, i don't know why robin leach hasn't offered to do this for me before.

By plainmabel On 04/05/04  

How did I miss this thread? I guess I'm too late for my wake up call. :(

And sarahelizabeth, you have me in tears right now: "frankly, i don't know why robin leach hasn't offered to do this for me before."

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