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By invisilurker On 04/01/04  

It has PDF files of different animals and some Yamaha Bikes, since that is whose site it is hosted on.
It's pretty cool!>

By sunkissedmiss On 04/02/04  

wow, that is really neat!

By gadgetgirl On 04/02/04  

holy crap! I thought the link was wrong and I ended up on a motorcycle site but then I realized they were friggin' PAPER!?!?!?!
I'm goin' back


By invisilurker On 04/02/04  

hehe. is strange that it's at a motercycle site...but it IS I guess it makes sense.
I love all the animal ones..even though it's sad they are all endangered. And they have cool ones for seasons too.they're little New Years favors and things.
I love that they have the uncolored ones, and the colored ones, so that if you don't want to use up all your ink, you can still do it, and just color it in with crayons or something.
I haven't tried to make one yet, but I will!

By jezze On 04/03/04  

Yay! thank you - what fun. I googled some more paper animals, and found ones with cranks and cams too. This is going to be an endless obsession....

By jtsang On 04/05/04  

wow, super cool, my b/f has an r6, so maybe i can make the r1 and just paste a 6 over the 1 :)

are you ladies using cardstock or just regular paper?
eta i see in the instructions that it recommends cardstock, but it says to use A4 paper, has anyone tried this, does it print ok on 8.5x11?

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