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By jenabug On 04/01/04  

hello glitteries--

i am on decor detail for my friend's baby shower and i was inspired by these paper flower-making kits i saw at the paper source and instead of buying the $14 kit that makes 5 flowers, i decided to get the supplies seperately and figure it out on my own. alas, a pattern would have done me good, BUT i bet some glitter girls could help me, too. anyone make paper flowers? know of a site i could reference?

**ETA**in case you don't read my second post in this thread...i am using a light cardstock, not tissue


By Zanni On 04/01/04  

Were you meaning tissue paper flowers? That's about all I found on google.
This has the normal ones:>
One of our own Glitter girls has some more unique flowers:>
Hope those help =)

By jenabug On 04/01/04  

thanks zanni--actually, i was just about to add an ETA about the type of paper.....

i am using a lighter cardstock type of paper. i'm trying to go for a more abstract version of real flowers. the ones i saw at the paper store were magnolias and those little bell-like flowers. i'm getting the feeling that tissue would have been a lot easier to work with, but i always like a good challenge. thanks so much for the quick response!!


By jezze On 04/02/04

really easy instructions and look good any size!

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