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By misshawklet On 04/01/04  

I am so mad!
I tried to return things to them, with no response ever, and I called today to return two pairs of shoes (that had fallen apart) and they won't refund the money or even give me credit!

I wrote them a letter of disgust, ending with take me off your mailing list, and all I got was a fucking nicey-nice note thanking me for their business!


By denimqueen On 04/01/04  

how utterly annoying. i have come to realize that in this day and age proper customer service hardly ever exists. Companies that make shitty merchandise and refuse to refund/acknowledge shotty quality, should not be operating.

By cleanout On 04/01/04  

gross! i would respond again to them (unless you're willing to just let it go) and address it to the company president.

By misshawklet On 04/01/04  

how would i find out who he is?

By xjessiex On 04/01/04  

or she is. ;)

ETA --

Delia*s Corp.
435 Hudson Street
New York, NEW YORK 10014

+1 212 807-9060
+1 212 590-6300

maybe this'll help.

By xjessiex On 04/01/04  

okay, so it is a fella.
sorry for my wink, just being silly. anyway, here's his info...

Chairman, President & Chief Executive - Stephen I. Kahn

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer - Evan Guillemin

Senior Vice President & Secretary - Edward D. Taffet

found this info at

By sarahelizabeth On 04/01/04  

i had a really bad experience with them, too. my mother got me some pants from there for christmas, and they didn't fit, so i drove to the delia's store--a 45 minute drive from where i live--and all they had was racks and racks of pretty much the same thing. most of it was j-lo looking jogging suits. so anyway, i decided to just return my stuff, and they said that they couldn't give me the money back, and that i could only use the store credit at that particular store (not online or anything). i ended up with a store credit that i've still got now, a year later.

so, yeah...delia's basically just took some money from my mom. punks.

By VioletKarma On 04/01/04  

my Delia's shoes fell apart too. their merch is poor quality.

By misshawklet On 04/02/04  

I even wrote to them again, and again they were like "well, its been too long so too bad." sorry, but I have PLENTY of even payless shoes that last me for 5 or more years. crap. please, don't buy from them. There customer service totally sucks. For a company that has SO much money, you'd think they'd just deal with the bitchy customer who wont give up.

I just assumed b/c the company was for teenybopper girls, it was owned by a man, and since most large companies are run by men anyway.

grrr. I guess I need to move on to big girl stores.

By knittykat On 04/02/04  

Here's another thing about Delia's. A friend of mine worked there and when they interviewed people for jobs, they were supposed to circle one letter in the name, say, the 'd' if the person was ugly and another letter, say, the 's' if the person was hot. The management would toss the applications of the people deemed 'ugly' and only call the pretty people. Because they didn't want people that they deemed unattractive to be working in their store!

That made me so mad! Who are they to decide who is attractive enough to work there? That's discrimination, baby!

Disclaimer: this may be only that particular store, not the whole company. And I think the store is gone.

By bonnell99 On 04/02/04  

can I ask how long you had the shoes for?

And by the way, they were recently purchased by Alloy. Their merch is notoriously crappy quality--which would be why you can find knee high boots for $15. From what I understand, the stores and the catalog are run separtely, though they carry the same merch.


By misshawklet On 04/02/04  

oh, bummer. I was thinking of buying some shirts off of alloy too. :(

I had one pair of shoes just from last year. the other was older. but the first pair I honestly only wore a few times before they went kaplooey, and i shoul dhave just returned them then.

i know they are crappy quality, but still, if a customer has a shit fit, I'd like to think they'd just suck it up and give them what they want!

I guess I'm used to LLBean qualtiy service.

By jtsang On 04/02/04  

unfortunately to get llbean quality service, you also have to pay for it.

Also another incentive to get good quality shoes is that they're generally better for your feet, I purchased expensive shoes through the walking company and haven't had any ankle pain like i did from cheaper shoes that i'd find that were cute. And when they developed a slight hole after a year the salesman insisted i call the manufacturer (not walking company) b/c he said that they stand by their products and they're generally of high quality. I called merrell and they told me to ship them the shoes and they mailed me a brand new pair :)


By SublimeStitcher On 04/02/04  

Geez... I've never ordered anything from them before...although I've considered it. I won't consider it now after reading all of your experiences!

There should be a Glitter-Better-Business Board!

By none On 04/02/04  

that's too bad... i've had good returning experiences with them. i also have a pair of hand-me-down delia's brand shoes from my sister. they were $10 and they've lasted me several years!

By misshawklet On 04/02/04  

after thinking, I'm willing to spend more money on clothes if I know they are good quality, will last and have a great return policy.

who has one? I love anthropologie, and I'd even be willing to buy one item every six months (b/c they are so expensive) if they have superior customer service and quality clothes.

anyone know about them? or other girly clothes?

By SuzyCreamcheese On 04/02/04

Super high quality stuff, some at ridiculously low prices. Returns are pre-paid, which is my favorite part. The only downside is, if you want a refund (as opposed to credit), you have to pay a fee (I think it's $7). I've never actually had to return anything, though, because everything I've received has been top quality.

By AesSedai On 04/02/04  

Maybe its hit or miss at Delias- I have a pair of lace up boots from them that have lasted 2 Maine winters well so far. Also a pair of sailor cords, 5 pocket cords and other pants none of which have fallen apart on me. Of course, my only issue with Delias is that I have to order a size up from other stores, but that is because they have juniors sizing, which I understand, because that's their target consumer...

By ambergeek On 04/02/04  

I had a really bad experience with them too. I ordered a shirt off their website, which was listed as "100% cotton tee." I got the thing and it was like, Nylon and Polyester!!! What?!? I ended up keeping the thing b/c they refused to reimburse me for shipping, even though it was absolutely false representation.

By scifininja On 04/02/04  

YES! My mom bought me some clothes for christmas from them one year, and there was this awesome looking "I (heart) ME" shirt, and when we got it it was a)skintight spandex-type material instead of cotton and b)said the same thing but was not the shirt pictured in the catalouge. We sent it back and got a skirt, which I guess wasn't made to be able to walk in, because I could only shuffle around in it. (I added side slits and I still have it, and wear it a little over four years later)

By teagrrl On 04/03/04  

Good, now I have a reason not to order from Delia*s, apart from their $35 shipping fee for overseas orders (I used to try to order their catalog several times when I was in HS, and they even had a special form for "international" catalogs, but every time I submitted my address an error message came up saying I should fill out the "state" field for the order to be processed. WTF? We don't _have_ states! There wasn't even a "state" field in the order form! Anyhow...)

For good return policies, try H&M. I bought a pair of jeans last year that broke after 8 months (broke as in the denim was worn through). When I went to an H&M shop and complained, they gave me the full price of the jeans back! (In gift certificates, but still - that's like free clothes!) I would have been perfectly happy even if they'd only given me half the money back (I mean, I'd had those jeans for 8 months...). I'm not sure what the return policy of H&M USA is, but hopefully it's as good... :-)

By Bizwitch On 04/03/04  

my favorite pair of shoes in high school were from delias. they fell apart after a bit. i sent them back and got a new pair. the new pair was a half size too large, so they kinda flopped around a little. i wore them anyways because they said it was the only pair they had in my size. well, they were marked as my size, but i know damn well they were bigger because the first pair fit like a dream until the soles fell off. the laces on both pairs broke pretty quickly, too. and the second pair started falling apart, so i quit wearing them. they were sort of a pain anyways, being too big and all.


By cleanout On 04/03/04  

i used to love j.crew's policy, but they've changed it so now it's not so great anymore. they will still take back "defective" stuff though. and i am honestly not that sure about anthropolgie. i've seen too many falling hems, poorly constructed seams from there. i'm also not sure where the clothes were made. high end department stores like nordstroms, neiman marcus, and lord and taylor usually have good policies. just check the labels to make sure stuff was made in the US.

if you want really simple stuff, i think is super high quality.

and just to share a funny customer service story to lift your spirits... i bought a dozen eggs at the new whole foods for $2.39. i checked 'em at the store, looked fine. when i got home, i tried to use one and realized they were all broken at the bottom, and the insides of the egg had dribbled out and dried, effectively gluing these broken eggs into the carton. i tossed 'em and wrote a letter with my receipt. so today in the mail, i get an envelope from them. with my receipt and $2.40 in cash. no note, no piece of paper to wrap the bills and change in, nothing. too funny! at least i got my money back from them.

By bonnell99 On 04/06/04  

anthropologie, though gorgeous and expensive, has very poor quality stuff. I also used to like J. crew, but lately the quality has gone downhill, as has the service.

I love the service at ll bean and lands end, but the styles leave something to be desired. for cheaper trendier stuff, my new favorite is la redoute (, where the stuff is cheap, but not 100% crappy. They're good for trends and stuff.

I also like the gap, but generally when their stuff goes on sale. I'm just too cheap I think.

By jtsang On 04/06/04  

for inexpensive stuff that has decent quality try marshalls or tj maxx, or nordstrom's rack or loehmans or off 5th, lots of discount stores have nice goods that are from last season, but still cute and trendy and cheap...often from THIS season. I was at American Eagle and bought a tank top. I saw an identical tank top at marshalls for less $ the very next week, and it wasn't even summer yet.
i feel like anthropologie is like urban outfitters for people who have outgrown urban outfitters, it's waaaay too expensive for what the quality is.

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