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By blibblob On 04/01/04  

Hey there- I'm part of a co-operatively run store in Bristol, Uk ( and we are really keen to stock some handmade underwear- it's seems really hard to find interesting underwear, or people that make it so any ideas where to look would be great. Also we are looking for good quality interesting soaps etc to stock on a consignment basis (we pay a % upfront to cover shipping)- any takers? We're already stocking work by a few Glitter stars and are always looking for more...

By peachass On 04/01/04  

hi! here shop has some of my knit/crochet stuff (purldrop)... but anyway... i've had a lot of luck by just sifting through websites listed on bust's girl wide web when i wanted to find handmade soaps and other goodies for my shop.

By blibblob On 04/02/04  

hey there!
I'm going to be emailing you really soon about payment and sending over some more skirts! Do we have a link to you on our website? I'm not in charge of updating it so if there's not one on there then email the details to and tell Tom I sent you
Camilla x

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