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By craftman On 04/01/04  

hey everyone,
The HGTV show "Crafting Coast to Coast" is still casting for Austin, San Antonio, Houston, San Francisco, New Orleans, NYC, Philly, New Jersey, Boston, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles. I know much discussion has been in Glitter, but I just wanted to remind everyone we are still looking to put you on HGTV. Feel free to call or email with any questions.

chris jones
weller grossman productions

Here is a new flyer :


HGTV is looking for fun and charismatic independent crafters to profile on our brand new show, “Crafting Coast to Coast”! If you have a special talent for creating cool and unique items that have your friends and family raving, then you just might be the perfect candidate for our show!

In order to be considered for this exciting and hip new show, you must email a recent picture of yourself (smiling!) along with images of your craft. Pictures must be sent as attachments. Include your contact information, location, and a short bio to:

Please do not send multiple or follow-up emails. Due to high volume of submissions, only selected individuals will be contacted. Thank you!

By Polesmoker69 On 04/02/04  

how high volume is it, if your still looking for people?

By campgrl On 04/03/04  

good question

By Plastictart On 04/03/04  

what about the folks that don't live in any of those places...can they still be considered? I'm still very a beginner but I have a friend that I was going to tell about this.....but we're in Birmingham, AL.

By CraftyChicaAZ On 04/03/04  

it looks like right now it is just the cities that are listed above. hopefully the show will do so well it will get picked up for a second season and then they will hit the ones they missed the first time around...

By campgrl On 04/04/04  

has anyone actually decided to do this? i read the other thread about how many people decided not to. i was just wondering if there was anyone out there that was going to.

By antigone On 04/05/04  

the "smiling!" part is actually what would make me NOT apply even if I lived in those areas. Seriously.

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