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By craftman On 04/01/04  

hey everyone,
The HGTV show "Crafting Coast to Coast" is still casting for Austin, San Antonio, Houston, San Francisco, New Orleans, NYC, Philly, New Jersey, Boston, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles. I know much discussion has been in Glitter, but I just wanted to remind everyone we are still looking to put you on HGTV. Feel free to call or email with any questions.

chris jones
weller grossman productions

Here is a new flyer :


HGTV is looking for fun and charismatic independent crafters to profile on our brand new show, “Crafting Coast to Coast”! If you have a special talent for creating cool and unique items that have your friends and family raving, then you just might be the perfect candidate for our show!

In order to be considered for this exciting and hip new show, you must email a recent picture of yourself (smiling!) along with images of your craft. Pictures must be sent as attachments. Include your contact information, location, and a short bio to:

Please do not send multiple or follow-up emails. Due to high volume of submissions, only selected individuals will be contacted. Thank you!

By ursonate On 04/02/04  

so if you're not smiling in your picture, fageddabouddit!

By NeesyPea On 04/02/04  

How come everyone always skips over Sacramento?
There's a lot of creative/crafty gals & guys here too! :(

By ursonate On 04/02/04  

Maybe the hotels aren't as nice.

By NeesyPea On 04/02/04  

You may be on to something there!

By CraftyChicaAZ On 04/02/04  

Phoenix is always skipped too, so don't feel bad :-(

By birdandblue On 04/03/04  

do they require a photo so if they think you are not "pretty' enough for tv they wont waste their time?

By ursonate On 04/04/04  

Probably. What was i watching the other day? Some sci-fi tv show and at some point I realized that every single character was wearing a body suit and I thought, "Hmmm, It's a good thing no one has a weight problem in this universe." Somebody call me when they cast less than perfect people on The Bachelor.

By bammie On 04/04/04  

hrm, they're still looking for people but discourage follow-ups due to the high volume - they either don't like the photos or people are in the wrong cities!

By ursonate On 04/04/04  

Or they're aiming at the wrong cities.

By SublimeStitcher On 04/04/04  

or they turn down people like me...

By bammie On 04/05/04  

D) all of the above


By toomuchglue On 04/05/04  

ditto. who are they looking for if they don't like any of us? :)

By ursonate On 04/06/04  

See, it just gets more curious by the day...

By yardenxanthe On 04/06/04  

I got kicked to the curb, too. But they're the ones who hunted me down and called me up. I wonder if they're getting cold feet about the "edgy, indie" thing and falling back on the Carol Duvall Grandma-craftin' thing. (Not that there aren't some great projects on Carol Duvall...)

By Faith On 04/06/04  

I'm curious what the deal here is - was HGTV only looking for crafters in specific cities all along? If so why did they encourage everyone and their grandmother from everywhere in the USA to send tapes, projects, photos, videos and their firstborn?

Seriously, can anyone clarify?

By CraftyChicaAZ On 04/06/04  

I'm so sorry to hear that :-(

Who HAS been accepted? Anyone from here? I know Karen from Fresh Crafts is still waiting for her answer. Anyoen else? Just curious?

Don't let it discourage you! We all have rockin' crafts and it just makes us all the more cool to be outcast (for whatever reason). Good things are ahead of us all!!

By plainmabel On 04/06/04  

Faith -- I think it was b/c at first they wanted to see where all the crafty people were located so they could then decide what locales were best to pursue at first. I think the point of the show is that each episode is a different location (so they may get to the other areas eventually, but are just taping a few to start). I could be wrong.

By glitterlisa On 04/06/04  

Has anyone been contacted? I submitted an email yesterday. *crosses fingers*

By ursonate On 04/07/04  

I dunno, but sitting here thinking about it for a moment, I'm surprised that HGTV doesn't have this extensive network of craft people so that they would have know who/where to go to in the first place, but then again I live in some kind of fantasy land...

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