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By glitterlisa On 04/01/04  

Please take a look. I'm open to design suggestions, what I can do to make it look better, ease of use, etc. Thanks in advance!


By misshawklet On 04/01/04  

i love your soaps! my god, to name a few, I want teh feto one, the chocolate bar, creamsicle, chinese fire soap (the bright red one), fish in a bag, etc. (how do you use fish in a bag? Does it just slip out of hte bag?)

do you make them from scratch?!

i think the site is easy to use and cute!

i just wish I could see the chocolate bon bon soap, not just the box.


By glitterlisa On 04/01/04  

To use the fish in a bag, you would need to cut or tear the plastic bag off of it.

I make them from melt and pour bases.

Here is a picture of a single bon-bon. I need to make a picture that displays them both.

By misshawklet On 04/01/04  

yummy. i want to eat it.

By ndaye On 04/01/04  

so v. cute and fun!

The twins soap is so neat!

By naturallysteph On 04/02/04  

I love it! Very easy to use, very minimalist. Looks great & I bookmarked it for future gifts. The twin feto soap is the BEST!


By blibblob On 04/02/04  

Hi there- I just emailed you about maybe supplying our store in the Uk- I love the candy soaps!

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