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By Anonymous_Jade On 04/01/04  

I want to do some free-hand embroidery work on my denim but I need to draw it out first, I also need it to be able to wash out if I make a mistake. I'm running to Hobby Lobby soon, anything that you know of I can get there? or WalMart?


By thixle On 04/01/04  

This might help-- I used a plain old BIC ballpoint pen on a pair of jeans (um, I was marking to make maternity pants). But the line was wrong, so I soaked it in Oxy-Clean... It took it right out and didn't fade the denim or the stitching.
They do make special pens, but the BIC and the OxyClean WORKS :D

By Polesmoker69 On 04/02/04  

they have a special pan for that exact thing, its a black marker like pen that washes out right away, you can get them in the sewwing section.
just ask when you get to the store.

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