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By crazybones On 04/01/04  

here's a diversion (it's kind of hard)

edited: ok, really patient. I'm still stuck in the room.

By looloo On 04/01/04  

I am totally stuck! I have found a key that doesn't fit anything!

By XoeCraft On 04/01/04  

Me Too! And what about the empty cd case? AAARRRGGGh! I've got to get out of this roooom!

By XoeCraft On 04/01/04  

Oh. It is hard. I've finally got to the point where I've gotten the box open, and the tape in it, but I can't find the battery. HELP! And I don't know what to do with that stupid leftover key. I can't find a place to put it at all.

By good.disaster On 04/01/04  

this'll drive you crazy... i got out!

By XoeCraft On 04/01/04  

You got out??? HOW! How did you get out? Give us a hint.

By Tigrrrl On 04/01/04  

Here's a whole page of hints. There's about 10 or so things you need to find to get out:>

By looloo On 04/01/04  

Thanks for this link though! I love mindless time wasters!

By copacetic On 04/01/04  

oh, that was awesome! ;D thanks!!!

By XoeCraft On 04/01/04  

OH THANK you. I finally got out. I had the hardest time using the screwdriver, though.

By crazybones On 04/01/04  

Wow. I was trying to get out, and I just came back now, and saw all these posts! I got some help from googling the game and finding some links. I had a heck of a time finding some of that stuff.

But, I'm out now!

By looloo On 04/01/04  

rawk on, I finally got out and I only had to cheat to figure out what to do with the animation.

Does anyone have any more like this?

(I had a hard time with the screw driver too, if you don't hit it right you have to play the movie all over again!)

By VoodooToaster On 04/01/04  

I can't get the red box open. I have no sound at work, am I missing something?

By copacetic On 04/01/04  

Well, it's not animated but the boys who do Homestar Runner have a text-based adventure game on their sister site, Videlectrix:

click on "game demos" to the left
click on "Thy Dungeonman II"

I tried it a while ago and could not get past a certain part! Arrggh!!!!! :D

By plainmabel On 04/01/04  

Damn you small box of mistery! There is no strange thing! Gaaaaaah!

By looloo On 04/01/04  

That link isn't working

By VoodooToaster On 04/01/04  

I watched the animation all the way through, but I don't know what + + + is supposed to mean.

By good.disaster On 04/01/04  

think of it as a crosshair...

now, were those hints or *cheats*?

my escape was purely accidental -- i kept clicking desperately because i'm far from patient.

i found another game!>

By looloo On 04/01/04  

**********************DON'T READ UNLESS YOU WANT TO CHEAT********************

place your curser where the little dancer guy is pointing (where the + is) when the movie is completely over and you are looking at the wall click three times.

But make sure you have already gone to the url on the piece of paper that you should have found earlier.

ETA-that other link requires you to download something--no can do!

By VoodooToaster On 04/01/04  

I read the cheats to get out otherwise I wouldn't have. Fun! I want more.

By copacetic On 04/01/04  

Arrggh! I can't get the video to play in Droom! :(

By invisilurker On 04/01/04  

Just as a note..
Out of curtesty to those of us who want to play it w/o it getting spoiled by hints in here, can you please mark any hints you give with a big gigantic SPOILER WARNING with stars or something.
[not saying anyone neglected to do that..just wanted to make sure that people do though.]
Thanks for sharing the game too! It's cool.

By kayke On 04/01/04  

Ahhhhhh!!!!!! It hurts!

By fred the fed On 04/01/04  

done and done :D

By sunkissedmiss On 04/02/04  

oh, fun! I got out! :)

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