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By jessyjessy On 04/01/04  

I had this dream last night that my living room was big enough to have shows in and my refridgerator had a sparkly mermaid on it. Now, I can't make my living room any bigger, but how can I put a mermaid on my refridgerator, keeping in mind that I'll be leaving said fridge behind in August? If I was in a more permanent place, I'd just whip out the hot glue gun and some rhinestones.

By sewfan On 04/01/04  

"whip out the hot glue gun and some rhinestones"

Add some magnets to that equation, and not only do you have a portable mermaid, you'd have a portable mosaic that could be anything...

Sounds like a great idea!

By crazybones On 04/01/04  

that is an EXCELLENT idea!

Seriously. That totally rocks! Lots of sparkly marble magnets is the bomb-diggety.

By antigone On 04/01/04  

I've been (day) dreaming about making polymer clay mermaids lately, necklaces and magnets... although marble magnets sound wonderful. Just make sure the magnets are strong enough so that they don't move around when you open and close the door - fridge doors tend to have different slipperinesses. Uhm. You know what I mean. My magnets are strong but on my fridge they move about anyway.

By nicegirl512 On 04/01/04  

I'd suggest making her out of felt embellished with rhinestones and sequins, it's lightweight and "grabs" the glue so it will hold, and is more durable than paper. Then just put enough magnets on the back to hold it on and voila. For a different look, you could use clear vinyl as the base, but I've never worked with it so I don't know how it is for glue.

By jessyjessy On 04/02/04  

Wow! The felt's a great idea--it ties in my desire for one of those little kid felt boards. Think teenagers will respect their librarian if she tries to use a feltboard on 'em? ;)

By jtsang On 04/02/04  

heavy duty magnets are great but you could also make a cling, like a giant colorform, in fact there's a surf shop by the beach that carries a big mermaid cling, i nearly bought it for monkey_thoughts, but it was a bit skeezy looking, like something you'd see on the mudflaps of a truck...but the idea was cool, a cling that's not permanent, for your board, your car or your fridge :)


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