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By antigone On 04/01/04  

What will those kids think of next? Excerpt from yahooo news:
Professor Schulzmann of California University has recently published her study of environmentally friendly fabrics. During her research she has found that popcorn can be spun into thread which resembles silk. This will doubtless be interesting to animal rights activists as the possible fabric produced will be cruelty free and have the look and feel of silk. The silk industry is reportedly worried about the discovery since popcorn fabric is by far more economically produced.

Happy April's Fools Day,

By ursonate On 04/01/04  

Oh, but the poor corn!

Actually pretty much any plant material can be spun into fiber. This article could have been written about pineapple.

But ultimately, I still like silk.

By monstergirl On 04/01/04  

Ah, but can you wear them and still follow the Atkin's diet? LOL


By mishymisu On 04/01/04  

There's a type of fabric made from milk too, though I don't remember what it's called. It's amazing the things they can turn into fibers.

Also I think clothes made from actual non-processed popcorn would look pretty interesting, I wonder if it takes shellac well?

By titancia On 04/01/04  

Is it edible? :P

By ndaye On 04/02/04  

this is so obviously a joke.

By jessyjessy On 04/02/04  

You could go to the movies and get that fake butter poured directly onto your clothes, instead of having it invariably wind up there. Or am I the only slob here?

By jtsang On 04/02/04  

Hey isn't California University where those crazy 90210 kids went? Or maybe it was the saved by the bell kids? :)


By crazybones On 04/02/04  

damn. Antigone! ;)

By SmudgyCat On 04/02/04  

I don't care too much for popcorn into silk...I'd rather have straw spun into gold.


By kale On 04/04/04  

hey, if they can make silk from tofu manufacturing waste...
(see soy silk here:>

*eta - Mishymisu, this page also mentions that fiber made from milk...

By jeansweasel On 04/05/04  

It's an intriguing concept if it's true. But what about if you get wet? Popcorn packing material just melts away- I wouldn't want my clothes to dissolve in a downpour! Isn't the milk fiber called casein? I haven't seen fabric made out of it but I have seen plastic-y jewelry made from it.

By MlleEmily On 04/06/04  

Yeah, soysilk is real, and DuPont has developed a fibre made from corn, but not POPPED corn. I did an asignment for fashion school on the corn fibre, it's called Sorona. I think it's only been released fairly recently, so it's not being used by many manufacturers for clothes yet.

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