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By researchasaurus On 04/01/04  


My favorite book bag that I made for myself TEN whole years ago is getting a little ratty. I love it so much. It is made out of one layer of this beautiful Italian upholstery fabric (on the outside) and black cotton duck on the inside. Unfortunately at the point on the shoulder strap where it rubs my shoulder, the cotton duck is all frayed and getting worse by the day.

I know I am too lazy to take the bag apart and re-line it. So option #B is to sew a piece of suede into the strap to reinforce it. I will probably have it done at a luggage repair place because my machine can't handle heavy stuff well.

So does anyone have a piece of black suede, about 4" x 8" or so, that you would be willing to trade? I don't want the super lightweight stuff, or the super heavy stuff, something in the middle.

I have a lot of crafty stuff--beads, stationery, yarn, fabric...and way more. I'll trade for supplies, or finished items, or whatever.

Thanks in advance,

By researchasaurus On 04/05/04  



By jhenscott On 04/05/04  

I have some different coloured leather...maybe home. all scrap but possibly the size you are seeking. only problem: I am right in teh middle of packing/moving.
If I am your only hope, do not hesitate to email me every couple of days to see if I have found anything for you.

By marmarlade On 04/06/04  

Hey girl.

I've got some navy blue suede, and it's pretty thick, too. Except, as I said, it's not black but navy blue.
E-mail me:
Put "GLITTER" in the subject heading so your e-mail doesn't get lost amist all the penis enlarger ads.


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