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By AprilBrokenA On 04/01/04  

I picked up a "learn to knit" kit from Michaels, and so far have had no problem learing to knit the baby booties, but the hat has a line that I don't quite understand.

It says to *knit 6, then knit thru 2*, repeat ** to end of row, purl next row.

Does the "knit through 2" part mean to take the needle through 2 loops on the left, and only bring one to the right?

Also - not kit related, but what is seed stich? I see it in patterns, but I don't know how it is made.

TIA! April

By crazybones On 04/01/04  

*knit 6, then knit thru 2*,

That's a wierd way to put it, but I guess you're supposed to knit to stitches together. Is that exactly how they worded it? That's a bit odd.

I tend to get seed and moss stitch confused, but here's a try:

in ribbing, you have columns of knit and purl, like k2, p2. On the next row, you purl the knit and knit the purl (keeping smooth and bumpy sides together.) Its done on a even number repeat (k2p2 has a repeat of 4 stitches before you get to knit again.)

For the seed, moss stitch, you have
row 1: k1 p1 k1
row 2 : k1 p1 k1

so you have alternating 1 row squares of knit and purl

the other way is (this might be seed or moss)

row 1: k1 p1 k1
row 2: p1 k1 p1
row 3: p1 k1 p1
row 4: k1 p1 k1

so you have 2 row squares of alternating knit and purl.

In both cases, the squares look kind of like a checkerboard, so if you have a smooth square, you have a bumpy square to both sides, and above and below.

Both cases are typically given on an odd number of stitches (k1,p1 on odd number, on both rows will knit the purl and purl the knit, so no confusing counting. In the second case, row 1 and 2 are k1 p1 on odd number, and row 3 and 4 are p1 k1 on odd number.)

but i forget if #1 is seed stitch and #2 is moss or the other way around.

I strongly recommend looking at the Stitch n Bitch book, because it's really helpful.

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