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By amphoteric On 04/01/04  

i bought some slightly stretchy corduroy a while ago, and i'm finding it really difficult to work with. partly, i'm sure it's down to the stretchiness - the project i'm working on is small and rectangular, so the slightly distortion is really obvious, and the corners are just impossible. i'm prototyping by hand but will eventually use my machine, and i'm probably at advanced beginner or intermediate level with sewing.

so, two questions. firstly, any advice with the stretchiness and keeping the wales straight?

secondly, with any sort of corduroy, what's the best way to make sharply mitred corners with a minimum of bulk?

thanks in advance if anyone can help!


By evilducky On 04/01/04  

You could use a strip of bias tape or other thin, non stretchy fabric (like ribbon), place it over where your seam will be and stitch through the tape and corduroy. This should stop it from stretching. For the corners, after you sew them, use your scissors and cut across the corner, just outside of your seam, on the corner and on either side of the corner, about an inch up. Hope that makes sense!

By Bag-Lady On 04/02/04  

Also for tight corners fold them. Hmmm, difficult to explain. With the extra bits of fabric fold (the seam) fold them along the seam line bringing the top down and the side accross. Then put your finger on it to hold it down and then push it through. I wish I could show you, it would be much easier to explain. Anyway, it does nice tight corners, my sewing teacher taught me. I hope you understand wy waffling!

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