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By boxless On 03/31/04  

Am I the only person who is sick of this season of the real world?!

I wish Frankie would just FUCKING LEAVE ALREADY! She has to be the most pathetic person in Real World history.

1. She has cystic fibrosis, but smokes, and didn't tell her boyfriend of 5 years?
2. She hooks up with everyone, and then acts like she doesn't remember.
3. Her style is hot topic on a hanger.
4. She calls everyone else a drama queen, yet bitches more than anyone I know.
5. She is an attention whore. ie: dropping a knife in front of her roomates, but claiming to be a "secret" cutter.


By meadow On 04/01/04  

Did she claim to be a cutter? I don't know why I suspected it...hrmm.
I like her though, anyone with that much hello kitty stuff can't be all that bad.
Robin bugs the shit out of me.
And hello, can we get a storyline going for Jamie? She's so cute and usually has one line throughout the show. TSK.

By Eva666 On 04/01/04  

posted twice

By Eva666 On 04/01/04  

jamie is the only one i like. she's beautiful and seems like a sweetie. the casts are getting worse every year, and the houses are stil decorated like it's 1995. i seriously had to change the channel about 50 times while they kept going to the snake/mouse scenes.

and yes, frankie is a total attention whore. i have known cutters and never once did they get a family steak knife and drop it in the sink when they were done. soo gross.

By starladear On 04/01/04  

jaquese is HILARIOUS! oh he always has the best one line commentary about everyone.

oh, you forgot to mention on the list of why frankie is pathetic:
she has a fear of boats!? not a fear of being on them, or even necessarily NEAR them, but she freaks out if one drives by their house and she can see it out the window?

By xjessiex On 04/01/04  

oh man, frankie is driving me INSANE! like she's going to be willing to care for that snake in a few months let alone a few years!!! you should check out the rw forum on television without pity... hilarious. i do agree with a lot of the posters there who have frankie pegged as having borderline personality disorder. anyway, i love the rw. i've watched every season but vegas, they sucked.


By kateri On 04/01/04  

this is my favorite real world ever! they are so messed up. how about when robin and that motorcycle guy whose name i can't remember got arrested on the same night? that was priceless. and that guy has been sent to the drunk tank twice. and the boston guy with the fake tooth girl last week was so funny. i felt bad about how much they made fun of her though, i hope she wasn't watching. frankie is very annoying. i had hopes for her in the begining but then she started in with all the lame boyfriend crap and my opinion of her went way down. jacquese has got to be my all time favorite real world person. he is the funniest person ever.

By Chelsea Belle On 04/01/04  

These kids are USELESS! Frankie's truly messed up. Robin's boobs are out of control (has it been addressed yet if they're real or fake?). I am afraid this might be my last season. Now that I'm older than the kids on the show, it's just not as entertaining.

By Hester On 04/01/04  

Remember back in the olden days when RW cast members actually had lives and interests? They were artists, musicians, activists, you name it. And they actually had personalities too! Imagine that.

Now all they do is lay around the house and fight and fuck.

By caropop On 04/01/04  

Dear Frankie,

If you don't want to go out and make-out or hook-up with some guy and cheat on your boyfriend, DON'T F'IN DO IT! It's really pretty easy to not drink or not get so wasted that you pass out, thereby alleviating any anxiety that you might have the next day because you can't remember what you may or may not have done the night before.


By jtsang On 04/01/04  

I watched the first couple eps b/c i live in SD. Actually my friend lived on a boat close to the real world house, he's since moved moorings but when i asked him if they were noisy, he said he had to call the police once b/c there was a big fight. I've tried to spy his boat in the episodes, but I don't think they look at that angle out the window, there was a giant surfboard tacked to the wall from what i could see from his boat, perhaps they only show the ones that are at the dock next to the house.


By invisilurker On 04/01/04  

I hate all the cast members.
They're all immature brats who think that making fun of people is funny.
Like the "tooth girl" that Ryan dated once.
They were all mocking her and crap, like they were soooo hilarious, which was like Junior High. I hope that poor girl never sees how they acted, the cruel jerks. What if she lost her tooth due to being in a bad relationship/an accident/whatever? They have no right to sit there completely mocking the crap out of her. Ryan is PATHETIC. The Loser couldn't even work up the decency to get on the phone himself and say something like "hey, I'm not really interested, sorry." Nooo..he had to be a total idiot and get Frankie to "cover" for him. Grow some maturity and tell her yourself you stupid f-er.
They're all shallow mean and totally immature.
The better of them are the asian girl and the black guy. They're still lame for jumping on the mockery bandwagon, but not as bad as the rest.

By xjessiex On 04/01/04  

i am not bratting at all, instead just admitting how much bad tv i watch, but i was trying to figure out who the heck ryan was. his name is randy, i think. right?


By invisilurker On 04/01/04  

You're probably right. I knew it started with an R, but I got Ryan stuck in my head. Oops.

By crazy_bout_you On 04/01/04  

i love the real world. my favorite would have to be cameron. frankie and jaquese get on my nerves so badly though. frankie because i guys named it all. j because the whole him and robyn fight at the beginning made me want to slap him and be like grow up..

By meadow On 04/01/04  

I think he handled the fight perfectly. I don't see a better way he could have dealt with it.

By randomellie On 04/02/04  

i thought he handled the fight in a very mature way too. i mean boobie called him the "n" word. geez louise! and i loved what his mom said later on the phone about basically turning his rage into tolerance in order to teach tolerance.

i love him. and i love how he is OBSESSED with people hooking up.

By Laurasia_ On 04/02/04  

I like Jaquese. He's a little obsessed with people hooking up, but he's overall the "voice of reason" (along with the Asian girl---I for got her name though!).
I also thought it was really mean the way they made fun of the fake tooth girl. I mean, who cares. Maybe she was in an accident or something? Maybe she was born that way. It's such a stupid bratty thing to make fun of someone over.
I am really getting sick of Frankie. She's got some serious problems...yet she seems to make up problems just to get attention. I'm not too sure I believe her boat phobia, since she seems fine a lot of the time when there are boats going by and it was only a big issue that one time. The cutter thing too...bothers me. I've known many cutters (and have been one in a few of my worst moments) and it was never something that was that open. Every cutter I knew did whatever they could to keep it secret. They also would never use the kitchen steak knife. Every cutter I've known had their own little "kit" kept somewhere private with razors. It was much more ritualistic and private than grabbing a kitchen knife and running to the bathroom. Who knows though. I haven't seen the cutting episode yet, only the previews so maybe there's more to it. I feel conflicted though because on one hand, Frankie seriously annoys me with her attention seeking behavior (and the way she cheats on her boyfriend and pretends that she can't remember) but I also feel bad for her because, like I said earlier, she has some serious problems...

By becca_13 On 04/07/04  

did anyone watch last night? it hate frankie ever so much. what a dramatic, and hypocritical girl. my top 5 reasons why i can't stand her...

1. "my devotion is so strong if he told me not to do something i wouldn't" - um....ok. didn't he tell you not to hook up with other guys?
2. don't bitch about anyone else being a drama queen while you scream it to all of your roomates. pot - meet kettle.
3. take responsibility for your drunken actions. when every sentence starts with "i was so drunk, i hardly remeber, i hooked up with some guy", perhaps you should limit your intake or maybe even admit you are an attention seeking, immature brat.
4. her smile when she cops to the fact that she cut herself on the phone with her boyfriend - ew.
5. and will someone please wipe off that horrible eyeliner job she has in the confessional.

By boxless On 04/07/04  

Last night she was all like, "Maybe when he sees those cuts he'll realize how sorry I am."

What a fucking loser.

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