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By lindastar On 03/31/04  

My sister is coming up to visit me (in NY) and we're taking a side trip to PA since she has to fly out of there.

If there's anything cool that I shouldn't miss, let me know. Also, any cute little boutiques, etc (esp if there's a specific place where there are lots of them) would be great.

I'm assuming we don't need a car... am i right?

By XoeCraft On 04/01/04  

You probably don't need a car.

One cool thing is to visit Ben Franklin's grave. The graves of many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence are in the same cemetery. It's pretty cool. It's right near the new Constitution Center (which is another pretty cool place). And my friend John is a sexton and tour guide there, and he loves to tell people all about the historical figures buried in the cemetery.


By shescrafty On 04/01/04  

Olde City is a great place to go - it is the historic district and has everything from the Liberty Bell to amazing shops and restaurants, as well as Penn's landing - all in walking distance from each other. If you walk up and down 3rd St (btw Market -Arch) there are some really great shops - check out Vagabond for great clothes and also yarn - and for food there's Blue In Green - the best brunch spot ever!! (all on 3rd st)

The thing I always tell people not to miss in Philly is the Mutter museum, but, it is across town and in a place that's not really a shopping area, but it's close to the art museum which is also a great thing to see - and also the Natural History museum, and the Calder Fountain, Love Park, etc. The Mutter museum is the museum of the college of physicians and it has all these amazing biological specimens and weird things in jars, a room of skulls, weird deformities and the such. It's a really amazing place - if you have the stomach for that kind of thing!!

I really don't recommend South Street - it's just not that interesting and it's really touristy and/or a meat market depending on when you go. If you do go, I strongly suggest going to the Eyes Gallery on 4th St, and checking out Isaiah Zagar's mosaic work all along the strip - his studio is a sight to behold and is at 10th and South.

By becca_13 On 04/02/04  

the reading terminal is a great indoor market for food and local stuff. i also lovelovelove the art museum.

By jenna On 04/02/04  

Yeah, I agree that Old City is definately a good place to walk around. You can walk by the Liberty Bell on 5th and Market if you're into that stuff. The Art Museum is fabulous, and it's free (or you can give a donation of a couple of bucks) on Sunday mornings. South street is pretty cheesy, but I think could be kind of fun for someone from out of town. If you do go to South Street, you MUST go to Greasy Waitress Vintage on 3rd and Bainbridge (one block south of south street, on 3rd) It is owned by glitter's very own greasywaitress. She's got tons of great stuff and a really cute dog :)

By seventwelve On 04/02/04  

We had a lot of fun riding around on the Philly Phlash, this crazy little purple bus that rides you all over town to the things you want to see for $4 a day. It's a little dorky, but I don't usually have a hard time finding fun. :-)

By lindastar On 04/05/04  

where do i catch the philly phlash (or, i can google....heh)

By caropop On 04/02/04  

Philadelphia has fantastic architecture if you're interested in that--great historic 'urban vernacular' stuff by Furness (check out the library on Penn's campus) and really cool modern stuff (Kahn's building on Penn, Wright's Temple if you have a car, the PSFS). One of the most amazing Arts & Crafts buildings is the Pennsylvania School of Fine Arts. Pick up a guide to city architecture and all the looking you want is free.

A cool tour to take is Eastern State Peniteniary.

I'll give another a shout to the Art Museum, but don't forget to run up the steps and stand in Rocky's footsteps! Behind the museum are the old waterworks which are also cool. And the park is full of historic house museums.

There's some cool public art around too--the Love sculpture and the Claus Oldenburg clothespin among others.

Downtown is totally walkable and is gorgeous.

By rita0373 On 04/02/04  

Manyayunk and Chestnut Hill are both bus/regional rail accessible sections that have a lot of store (some chain and some individual) along with a ton of eateries. Chestnut Hill is also a great and beautiful neighborhood to walk around.

From Center City Manayunk is accessible by the Route 61 bus or R6 Regional Rail. Chestnut Hill is the 23 Trolley or the R7 or R8 Regional Rail.

I also recommend the Reading Terminal for a great lunch.

By greasywaitress On 04/02/04  

thanks for the shout-out jenna. come by my shop, i'll give you a map of some cool shops around mine.

shescrafty, sad to say blue in green closed. its now a fishmarket.

my favorite breakfast spot is the morning glory. the fritattas are amazing. its at 10th and fitzwater, i think. which is south philly.

antique row on pine street is really nice too. there is an awesome store there called blendo. i think its 10th and pine.

By ai On 04/02/04  

oooh, northern liberties too! there's not a ton of shopping, but there are lots of great little restaurants and nightlife. It's walking distance from old city (10 minute walk) and there's some cool stuff in between.

check out

By rita0373 On 04/03/04  

As far back as a couple of months ago the Blue in Green on the 700 block of Sansom (Jewelers' Row) was still around. There food is so good. I highly recommend the blueberry pancakes.

If you eat at The Reeading Terminal, I recommend The Dutch Eating Place (sort of in the corner) great blueberry pancakes, sloppy joes, lemonade and shoofly pie. Also in the terminal is The General Store, everything in the store in manufactured somewhere in PA.

By lindastar On 04/05/04  

wow, thanks for all of the great suggestions! i will def. try to sift thru them before friday and stop by greasywaitress' store!

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