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By arielle On 03/31/04  

looking for ideas for a craft making table at a college earth day fair?? cool stuff for college kids made of recycled things that dont take that much time? ideas?

By lizzymahoney On 03/31/04  

Binder covers and book covers are two fast and variable things. Could be fabric, paper, leather, plastic, cardboard, and could be glued, sewn or stapled.

Cuffs of some kind, with velcro fasteners. Use fabric, vinyl, recycled inner tubes, et al.

Lots of stuff with recycling bin rescues. Maybe picture 'frames' with nicer cardboard and acetate sheets. Cast off fabric can be velcro'd into tubes for soda can insulation.

By ivy-bee On 04/01/04  

Scrap paper from recycling bins, stapled or bound, clean side up, into notebooks. reuse! then recycle.

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