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By arielle On 03/31/04  

hello, would like help on the idea of a large sculpture with excess newspaper in effort to reduce number of school newspaper (nyu) being printed. the sculpture would be at a street fair on earth day.. ideas??

By carriem On 03/31/04  

tell us about your project -- so the school prints too many papers and you want people to take note of that?

By arielle On 03/31/04  

yes, i am part of an environmetal activist group at nyu and we tried contacting the newspaper to let them know that there are much too many copies going to waste each day, so in an effort to show this to the student body, we want to make a sculpture of some kind at our earth day fair

By lizzymahoney On 03/31/04  

Are you familiar with the old fashioned way of making a float for a parade with chickenwire armature and stuffing crepe paper into the holes? You could do this with newspaper, unadorned. Maybe make an Incredible Hulk shape beast and stuff away. It won't use truckloads of newspaper, but will get the idea across, I think.

If you ideally want to make use of tons of paper, go for stacks of it that have gotten wet and dried out. I'm betting they could be cut with a chainsaw and some patience. Carve it into some monolithic piece with all the edges showing as striations as if it were eroded sedimentary rock. There's not time to wet large hunks of it and wait for it to dry out, though.

But wet newspaper, again over a chicken wire form, could dry by then. It will hold shape pretty well if you use some elmer's glue or some flour with the water. And it has the benefit of some parts of it still being readable.

By arielle On 03/31/04  

im not familiar with float making, but the chicken wire form sounds like a great idea. would you know where to get chicken wire from?

By Twilight On 03/31/04  

Papier maché is perfect for this. The paste is a basic mixture of flour and water although if you google online you can get some complex recipes that work better.

If your city has a reuse store, or habit for humanity, you probably can find some chicken wire there. To make a form though you need to first build armatures. This is just making joints for the sculpture, usually out of wood. Then you form the chicken wire around it.

Dip the newspaper strips into the paste, wipe off excess, and then lay on the chicken wire. The first layer always looks wimpy. But four or five layers really toughens it up.

I think building a giant trash can with a sculpture of the head of the newspaper inside would be awesome. Would make quite a statment.

By ursonate On 04/01/04  

What are you going to do with the sculpture afterwards?

By campgrl On 04/01/04  

making a float-like thing is my favorite choice. mostly because that is what they do for homecoming at my university-oklahoma state univ. (yes, our boys are in the final four this weekend). here is a link to a site that has pics of what we call "house decs" (greek house decorations). they are basically floats that dont go in a parade. instead they stay in the greek house yards and the people parade by looking at them. warning to all enviromentalists (i am one also)! there is a LOT of tissue paper used in these-you could use your newspapers. i dont know how you would make them different colors, but you could make sculptures like the vw bug in the fifth place pic. >

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