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By Rzngrl On 03/31/04  

I was just wondering if there were any Mid-Mo mamas in my area...Seems like we should get together or something if there are!


By BeckyEScott On 03/31/04  

Me me me!

I've been lurking quite a while, this is only my second post... But I am in Sedalia.

By Rzngrl On 04/01/04  

I'm in Fulton, so we're kinda far apart, but we could maybe meet somewhere in the middle...How far is Sedalia from Columbia?
Also, is anyone cool gonna be at the fair?? Hee!

By BeckyEScott On 04/02/04  

We're about an hour west of Columbia---

I don't know who's going to be at the fair yet, hmm, I'm sure they've announced by now but I haven't paid any attention. When you live here, you pretty much run-away-run-away during the fair.

By Melynn On 04/02/04  

I'm in southern Iowa-very southern Iowa. I'm about 20 miles away from the Missouri border. I go to Bethany quite a bit to go shopping. I have a friend who lives in Arbella.

I would love to get together with some of you gals!!


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