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By coquette On 03/31/04  

I've been looking for a pattern at joannes, and i just can't seem to find what i want- i'm looking for a skirt pattern that is kind of a wrap around, a-line skirt, knee length- does anyone know where i could find this? i can probably draft a pattern myself, but it takes a long time so i thought i would try glitter first!thanks in advance.

By cubby On 03/31/04  

I have had GREAT success with the Butterick #3526.

Here is a link so you can see what it looks like:

(copy and paste entire link in navigation bar)

It is SUPER easy, and I use double folded bias tape for the edges. I get many compliments, and the possibilities are limitess (preppy, indie, retro).

By XoeCraft On 03/31/04  

Here's a just plain a-line skirt. Don't know if that helps at all, but:

By caropop On 03/31/04  

I made on pretty simply just by tracing the shape of a skirt that I loved as a pattern. I then just cut out a full back panel, a mostly full front panel and a half front panel (noting to cut the front panels out so that they each get sewn to their appropriate side of the back panel.

I wanted a fairly clean and straight one (rather than swingy, but I do LOVE that Butterick pattern) and I ended up not even hemming it, but edging it with contrasting bias tape. I used other pieces of bias tape to make the ties.

All in all, it only took me a couple of hours and I love the skirt.

By coquette On 03/31/04  

I almost bought the butterick pattern today. but it really did look simple, so i decided to save myself six bucks and just wing it. I would have had to change the waist band anyway because i wanted something wider. thanks for all the suggestions!

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