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By crumpet On 03/30/04  

I just finished a couple of scarves for my nieces. I used this pattern for reference, but changed quite a few things:>

Here are the finished pics (they look a little brigher than IRL -- I was in a hurry and had to do some Photoshopping because the light here was fairly non-existant yesterday)

Next I'm going to make similar scarves for my sister and sister-in-law.

By ursonate On 03/30/04  

Getting close to figuring out a pattern for baby shoes which will be used for a fundraising project eventually


Spent some time learning to make bead crochet ropes which (I hope) will solve a long standing beading problem that I've been struggling with.

By Katrin On 03/30/04  

I cut out the pieces for several purses, including a couple out of this stunning fabric:>
(by the way, they say that piece is still for sale, but it's not, 'cause I bought it!)

I can start putting them together in the next couple of days - after I get a replacement lightbulb for my sewing machine, buy some more interfacing, start my new part-time job and attend a funeral...always some excuse for procrastination.

Also this evening at rehearsal I made a lot of progress on another fuzzy scarf. And someone in the show is interested in having me make some to sell to a club she's in!

Must get that website up and running soon.

By keiko On 03/31/04  

Those scarves are so cute! I've been making stencils. Here's one of them.

By copacetic On 03/31/04  

I made flower pins out of vintage scarves last night as I watched "American Idol"! :)

I'm also doing the last sleeve for the "To Dye For" sweater in the Stitch & Bitch book! WHOO! My first sweater ever!!! :) I hope it all turns out okay... :P

By stumblebum On 03/31/04  

yesterday I made some badges on my cheap but cheerful badge maker :)

planning to start the to dye for sweater also! just have to find nice yarn :) it will be my first jumper too :)

By jessyjessy On 03/31/04  

I've been taking a break from my song-fragments-embroidered-on-old-fashioned-ladies'-hankies project to turn a pillow case into a shirt: I cut arm and neck holes kind of like the old-school Sassy dress. Then I chopped off a couple inches from the bottom and sewed ribbon on the sides to tie a bow in the back and make it fit better. (I used two narrow pieces of yellow ribbon on one side and a wider piece of white on the other). Since it's got a big lion's head on it, I'm embroidering a quote from "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" on it.
I've also been chopping the necks and sleeves off of a lot of my tshirts in preparation for this summer's badassnerdy look.

By teagrrl On 03/31/04  

I haven't crafted in a looong time, but today I restrung half the beads from a broken necklace (will work on the other half later), and prepared the materials for a necklace for my niece.

By spinnin_wheel On 04/02/04  

That is very good!
I just started screen printing and I am in love!

By nicegirl512 On 03/31/04  

Today I've just been sitting at work, but last night I made and attached a clasp to the sterling silver crocheted bracelet with 4 mm hyacinth mirror coated bicones I made on the plane on Sunday. I can't believe how much I love it, it's so sparkly and pretty. I've got to make more of these.

By lililamalice On 03/31/04  

I made bright pink felt beads and then I embroided them (freestyle pattern) with lime green thread. I made a bracelet out of them. I think it looks very cool (with all the modesty I can find tonight).
I also attempted to make some tags out of printable shrinky dinks but it was a big failure. They all curled up and got stuck on themselves, so I got quite mad considering how much this stuff costs around here and the time I took to design the logo to put on them. Oh well

ETA: link to the pic of my bracelet>

By Polesmoker69 On 03/31/04  

finished the bag i was making for my sisters 14th birthday! check it out if you want! and tell me what you thinK!

By ursonate On 04/01/04  

Today I bound 2 books make from used kraft paper with used cardboard covers. One is long stitch and the other is coptic.

By denimqueen On 04/01/04  

ooohhh....i like this thread!

today i covered a light switch plate. I used a image printed off the computer. unfourtunatley i didn't have the right kind of glue, so i hope the kind i used will hold up!

By kristenasaurus On 04/01/04  

oh. my. I haven't visited this forum for so long the link turned back brown. What a way to get back into it!

I just started a new knitted hat with a cable brim. So cute!

By faerie_eyez On 04/01/04  

Last weekend I made a hippie skirt and a little purse, Monday I stayed home sick and clipped magazines all day, decoupaged/collaged my sewing machine case, today I went through 46 patterns I bought off eBay and sorted what I want/what I'm going to give to my sewing class, and tomorrow I'm gonna be in a VW Bug for four hours, so I'm bringing a big fat knitting book from my college library, and I'm going to use my circular needles for the first time. :)

By faerie_eyez On 04/01/04  

Polesmoker69, that purse is so frickin' cute! Today is my lil' bro's 15th, and I didn't do anything crafty :( He plays guitar tho...shoulda come up with something better.

By crumpet On 04/01/04  

I finished the scarf for my sister yesterday!

Today I'm stretching a canvas for a big painting that I'll be doing over the next couple of days.

By misshawklet On 04/01/04  

today I made a birthday card for my friend erin.

By seedcake On 04/01/04  

i almost finished up the first bit of the herringbone stitch hat from the vogue hats and caps pretty flame-coloured koigu kersti handpainted merino....definately a treat!

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