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By IHeartGeekyBoys On 03/30/04  

The other day, I was looking at my friend's store-bought ballet type slipper shoes, which were $30. I thought that was a little much for such simple shoes. But then again, I didn't know how to make them. And then I really started thinking about it--and how much I would love some cute slipper type shoes with a sweet little print of my choosing. I've found several patterns for knitted and crocheted ballet slippers, but I don't know how to do either very well, and I'm thinking I want something made out of a kid's print of fabric. Does anyone know of a pattern or know how to make a pattern for these type of slippers?

By purdykitten On 03/30/04  

well, you could always buy some ballet slippers from a second hand store then paint on them or cover them with fabric and string them with laces. and if you wanted them to be more like a "shoe" you could get some sort of rubber or sole from an old shoe for the bottom.. hope this helps

By kickarse On 03/31/04  

I'm also not sure about how you would go making them from scratch, but you could buy some from Discount Dance Supply or a ballet store (canvas ones are as cheap as $12) and embellish from there.

By Xuli On 03/31/04  

It also seems like if you have a knit/crochet pattern for ballet slippers, that should have a diagram for what the knitted pieces should look like before you sew them together, and you could use that to make a sewing pattern. (I don't sew, though, so I'm not positive about this.)

By IHeartGeekyBoys On 03/31/04  

The pattern for the ballet slippers that I found with crochet is here:>
I don't think there's a pattern type thing anywhere on there, but maybe if you somehow figure out the size of the stitches?

By bloomeenee On 04/03/04  

could you use a cheap pair of flip-flops for the sole? they'd be sort of chunky then though... you've really got me thinking now though, coz I wanna make some!

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