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By ksue On 03/30/04  

Hey y'all.....

Just a mini-poll. Who has actually paid for advertisement (wherever - locally, online, BUST, People StyleWatch ;), anywhere!), and how has it worked out for you?

It's time for me to take the plunge. I would love to hear anecdotal evidence that advertising is well worth it!!!! Or not.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!!


By msmetro On 03/31/04  

I just (as in 3 weeks ago) started advertising on a wedding website (my products are wedding invitations, so this is logical). I've gotten more inquiries for custom work in the last 3 weeks than I had in 2 months prior. As long as you reach the proper audience, I'd say advertising is well worth the money.

By copacetic On 03/31/04  

My first ad was in Bust, and I thought it was well worth the money! But don't be seduced by the web-button click-thru's...they actually yield very low results. ;)

If I had more money, I'd definitely take another ad out with them, and in the future, I definitely want to take an ad out with Venus too.

Anyone else? :)

By SublimeStitcher On 03/31/04  

Well, as an aggressive print advertiser, I say it's worth every penny, but you must do multiple placements. For two reasons: it will save you money by getting a discount from the magazine for comitting to several spots, and a one-time placement just doesn't quite do the trick. I think it really takes at least three before people start noticing and looking into what you're all about.

I advertise with: Bust, Venus, ReadyMade, Punk Planet, Barracuda, Juxtapoz, Beejeezus...and recently People StyleWatch. ;)

Let's see...also try to keep you graphic simple, and consistent. Run the same image multiple times so people start to recognize it. I've not been the best at doing this, but I try.

Also, I try to track which ads send me the most business. My online order form asks where they heard about SS, and the reason for my "send me a clipped print ad for a free pack of patterns" is so I can see which ad people are most likely to come across.

Smart move! It's a wise investment.

By ksue On 04/01/04  

I really like that advice! I am so stuck in my poverty mentality some times that I just don't think big enough. I think I need to have a marketing budget :) and treat it as a serious business expense for the long term. I am glad I posted as I think I would have paid for one ad then sat around waiting for the hits and orders to roll in!

Figuring out how to track business is also really important.

I love BUST so much myself that I think that's my first stop.

Anyone else? And thanks for the responses gals.


By toomuchglue On 04/02/04  

Hey there,
If you are advertising on a website, I recommend you make sure the number of impressions are guaranteed and they provide reporting. That's what professional sites do. Otherwise you give them money and it's just their word, and you can't evaluate how it worked for you (and who is to say they even put your ad up?) I ask for it everywhere I inquire about online ads.

The standard measurement in the online ad industry is CPM, cost per thousand impressions. (There is also a cost per click model, where you just pay if someone clicks to your site - I like this better, personally.) Once you have the CPC or CPM figure, you can evaluate the different options, side by side.

Honestly, prepping my sites for search engines and trading links has worked better than any ad I've placed. I have NOT seen a lot of value in print ads coming to my bottom line. It's great for awareness, if that's what you're after. I get way more bang for my buck online, and I can track the performance. Also, PR works very well - I highly recommend investing in a GOOD pr person who can pitch your news to the press.

Hope my rambling reply was helpful!

By lexs_creations On 04/07/04  

Hmmm. Reading these replies has been interesting. I am wondering, as a relatively new crafter with only a very-part-time work-from-home job to supplement my income, how all of you have the money to advertise in magazines like BUST? (I know they're having a "special deal" now - ads for $250 - that's so much more than my advertising budget, it's a joke!) ;) Do most of you have full-time jobs as well?

Anyway, I tried advertising in a Washington, DC paper (I'm in that Metro area) that's very well read, and it doesn't seem that I got any business from it at all. I've been paying $10/month for a Yahoo! Classifieds ad, and that seems to have been bringing my web site some traffic.

Let me know what your experience is. :)

Does anyone have any ideas for cheaper paid advertising?


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