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By PaSsIoN84iT On 03/29/04  

Does anyone have any good ideas for college graduation gifts? A ton of my friends are graduating this year and I haven't started anything. Here's a little more info:

3 are Psych majors, 1 is probably directly to grad school, 1 may actually get a job that has something to do with art and another is getting a job and apartment.
1 is a Philosophy major
2 are English/English Com. both are going to get jobs and apartments for the 1st time
1 is a double major in Chritian Ministries and Psych she is trying to find a job and get an apartment, but she's willing to move anywhere for it (unlike anyone else) she is also very classy
2 are Christian Ministries majors, neither of them have any idea what they are doing, 1 has to find a place to live because her family is in Hungary right now

Any ideas for any of these would be great, I want to make as many as I can, but if I have to buy, than I will

By sewfan On 03/30/04  

Address books are always a great gift for transition times, in my opinion. Especially a small handmade one. In my millions of moves, I always seem to misplace the phone #s that are scribbled on scraps of paper and wind up out of touch with people. So if you can make some of those, and fill them in with phone #s and addresses of mutual friends, also birthdays.

If you have $ to spend, gift cards are great, too. A lot of them might suddenly realize that they can't dress like students and might need some help getting workplace clothes. Places like TJMaxx, Value City, etc, will give them more bang for your buck.

That's all I can come up with now...

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