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By Spaniella On 03/29/04  

Hey girls. So winter is over and I feel like I look like an ashtray. I really want to get a facial but I cant swing one of those $85 jobbers. When I was in college in FLA I went to a place that had 1/2 hour facials where it was $30 and they didnt do extraction and they used Dermalogica products, and I looked like a dew-laden rosepetal afterwards. (It probably helped that I was 19 at the time, but whatever.) Anyway, does anyone know of any deals like that around? I can deal with the extraction, or even a long facial, what I am looking for is the cheap aspect. Thoughts?

By emilygrace On 04/01/04  

Supposedly the New York International Beauty School will give you a facial for ridiculously cheap... though you will have a student experimenting on you. I couldn't find anything about it on their website, though. Maybe give them a call?

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