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By bloominglotus On 03/28/04  

I need feedback from all of you lovely crafty ladies.....>
It's brand new and very basic, and I would really appreciate some constructive advice.

Thank you!

By ursonate On 03/28/04  

It seems like the layout could use some improvement. I didn't view source, but maybe the table (if there is one) could use some finessing. Also I'm not sure how many fonts you have going on there, but they should be less of them, they should be smaller and and they should be more consistent.

By hushabye On 03/29/04  

For brand new, it looks okay. Your prices are really amazing!

I think the first page could be cleaned up a little, but the shopping pages look fine.

By copacetic On 03/29/04  

Whoo! :) Good job on the new site! I like how easy it is to navigate. One thing I noticed though (I hope you don't mind but I peeked at your code!) is your code is asking for the font Matisse ITC. The only problem with that is if someone is viewing your site who doesn't have that font on their computer, it'll default to Arial and won't look as cute as you probably want it to! :) For your logo and headers, I would suggest creating graphics out of the Matisse ITC font instead. :)

Otherwise, good job and your jewelry is gorgeous! If you need any help with anything, just holler at me!! :)

By ursonate On 03/29/04  

Maybe the font issue is why they look so inconsistent in my browser. I never specify fonts other than those that I'm pretty sure are installed on all machines such as Helvetica, Arial and Times.

By jesskbg On 03/30/04  

I like your site bunches. I'm a font fanatic, so I enjoyed all of the different styles. You seem very artistic... Great job and good luck!


P.S. - I'm gonna add you to my site. If you'd like my link, it's

By bloominglotus On 03/31/04  

Ooooh, jess...your stuff is so cute! I'm throwing a link on my site.

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