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By Jesser On 03/28/04  

Hey all!
I've spent quite a bit-o time this weekend working on the cookbook. And it's going along quite well. I've gone through almost all of the emailed recipes and we've already got over 100. And I've still got to add the ones from the threads and a few of my own.

Anyhow, just wanted to let y'all know what's going on. Sooooooooo ... Anyone want to take a section for editing? There are about 11 sections ... and I could definitely use some extra eyes.

Anyhow, if you're interested, put a post here and email me. You'll have to let me know if you don't have Word so I can send you a text file or sumthin else.

That's it!

By meep On 03/28/04  

I'd love to help...just let me know what you want done!

By wendy_darling On 03/29/04  

Sign me up for a section (or 2, or 3, as many as you need)! I LOVE editing. Because I'm weird like that.

By denimqueen On 03/29/04  

I'll help out! since im unemployed, what better way to keep my brain engaged!

By denimqueen On 03/29/04  

that made no sense......hmmmmm...maybe editing isn't a good idea......j/k

By heathertea On 03/29/04  

I will edit a section or two, i will email you now!

By Jesser On 03/30/04  

*bumpity - bump*

could still use an editor or two? luvyas!

By chriskalen On 03/30/04  

i will do some of it! :o) i am a copy editor at heart.

By FloozySoozy On 03/31/04  

Count me in! I am a copy editor by trade.
You have my e-mail address I believe?


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