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By Jesser On 03/28/04  

Hey Kids,
I have sorta been watching American Dreams, but I apparently have missed like 3 episodes. The last time I saw, Meg had just broken up with that college dude ... and now I'm totally out of the loop. Can anyone fill me in?? The net has been next-to useless (I've tried).


By silverbell On 03/29/04  

I watch this show!

Roxanne and Luke were together for a little while. He broke up with her because he couldn't get over her being confused when Lenny came back to visit.

Beth and JJ met in Hawaii while he was on a break and had a fight. They broke up. Beth found out she was pregnant, and took a while to decide she wants to keep the baby. So now she's moving in with the Pryor's because her parents won't support her.

Helen has a new (gay?) male coworker.

Jack might be running for a local office.

Henry has a girlfriend.

Sam broke up with his girlfriend, again.

Patty has been flirting with the boy from the pet store. She and Meg crashed the ca, but covered for each other.

Meg has been interning at the news department of the tv station where American Bandstand tapes.

That's all I have for now.


By Jesser On 03/29/04  

Thanks for the update.

Got a couple more questions though ...
What did Beth & JJ fight about? Can I assume they did the deed in Hawaii? or was Beth cheating on him?

By silverbell On 04/01/04  

Beth and JJ fought because JJ wants to say in the Marines longer than he's required, and Beth just wants him home.

I think they've been doing the deed off and on for a while, but I'm not sure if we saw them actually do it in Hawaii. (I don't think Beth's cheated on hime.)


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