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By coldsnap On 03/28/04  

I have a an old, but in super condition, Raleigh that is just a little too big for me and I'd really like to get riding again so if anyone wants/know of who want to buy or trade that would be great. My email is

I'm going to take a picture of it this week when I get my digital camera back and am gonna post a pic. Just thought I'd get word out asap...

thanks, Leah

By daria On 04/01/04  

sounds cool! i may be interested...


By coldsnap On 04/02/04  

i just got my camera back today, I'll go home and post a picture asap.

By wingnut1 On 04/03/04  

let me know too - my old raleigh (my gran's even!) got stolen last summer.

would love to see a pic.

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