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By CawfeeHowse On 03/28/04  

I have been googling like crazy for no sew pillows and I can't find any that aren't cheezy looking. I want something really cool and neat. No ruffles or duct tape please. Please help!


By frenchkitty On 03/28/04  

In the latest issue of Readymade they have some pillows made from shrunken sweaters. I think it has a little sewing, but just like using yarn, nothing hard at all.

By teriyakipuck On 03/28/04  

Have you seen no-sew fleece blankets? They had one on display in our Walmart fabric dept. My roommate made one too. You take two same-sized squares of fleece, slice the edges and tie the two fabrics together after lining them up. Doesn't make much sense when I try to explain it, huh? You can do the same to make pillows, only you'd stuff it. Mmmm... soft and comfy... and CUTE!

By ursonate On 03/28/04  

What's wrong with sewing? I think there's a reason why new sew pillows don't look good. A pillow is probably the easiet thing you could ever sew.

Hey, now that I think about it, inflatable pillows are no-sew. If you look around enough, you could probably find the inflatable pillows with feathers inside. They are very nice!

By CawfeeHowse On 03/28/04  

I can't sew because my mom is borrowing my sewing machine and since she lives in NY and I go to school in Michigan I can't exactly drive over and pick it up. Plus, I am not a very good at hand sewing and want to make these pillows really nice so my best friend can use them for years to come.


By ursonate On 03/28/04  

But then practice would be good. Hmm, just a thought, but are there no costume/textile/fashion/art departments in your school? Maybe you could borrow some time on one of their machines. Or maybe reach out to other schools in the area.

By CawfeeHowse On 03/29/04  

Nope, there are no costume/textile/fashion departments at my school. I attend an engineering college.


By swank On 03/28/04  

i'm not sure how well this would work, having never tried it - but for a completely no-sew pillow, maybe you could fuse the seams together with some of that iron-on heat-n-bond tape.

By Zanni On 03/29/04  

I made some throw pillows once with just fabric, stuffing and really strong fabric glue. The glue I used I got from Wal Mart. IT's Real Deal brand, and called Tacky Glue, it comes in a while bottle. It's some strong stuff! I did it like sewing, glue the fabric together around the edge, right sides together. Turn it right side out, stuff it, and then glue the hole used for stuffing closed. I wouldn't use them in a pillow fight, but they will last a pretty long time.

By sporkie On 03/30/04  

Hope these help, I think these might be what you're looking for!

No-sew fleece pillow with fringe tutorial with pics (actually really cool):

Here's the same project on another site:

No-sew bolster from (uses velcro and heat-n-bond):

By berlin101 On 03/31/04  

Why don't you knit a pillowcase? It looks great and stylish when you use the right yarn.

By yardenxanthe On 03/31/04  

You could use some cool square scarves/bandannas and tie them at the corners. Or cut squares out of fabric with pinking shears to minimize fraying. Tuck the tied ends inside the corners.

By Katrin On 03/31/04  

How about investing in one of those little hand-held sewing gadgets? They're inexpensive, and I'd imagine they're perfect for sewing something simple like pillows.

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