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By paperdreams On 03/28/04  

Many successful companies use b/w or one color logos. I am wondering what people think about using color in logo design...

-Do you think it's possible for a (multi) color logo to remain suitable/effective regardless of changes in color fashions through the years? What about the idea of changing logo colors over time? This could potentially confuse customers but some people do it.

-My logo is in color. I think it does a good job of conveying what I am offering, but am considering switching to a b/w version (color version can be seen at I'd appreciate any thoughts on this.

-What prompted your choice of a color or b/w logo? Are you happy with it?

By ursonate On 03/28/04  

Most companies have serveral different versions of their logos. Even if black and white is the primary version, there may be others that are used for whatever purpose.

I used to work for a company that had a red, white and blue (or was it black?) logo and they made sure that it reproduced well in black and white for photocopies and such.

I wouldn't consider your log multicolor because it's actually monochromatic. I once worked on a project with a company that changed its logo from something very basic (albeit ugly) to something that incorporated photographs. That was just wrong, wrong, wrong!

Simplicity is always best when it comes to logos-No more than a few colors. I'm just remembering a few years ago there was a site that collected and compared logos. It was very interesting because at the time so many people were using blue swooshes or something like that and then a couple of years later little squares started popping up all over the place.

I think some of this links back to that branding discussion.

By paperdreams On 03/29/04  

Interesting thoughts. I'd love to see that logo site. Do you think it's still around?
It was actually the branding discussion that inspired me to start this thread. I find the topic really fascinating.
I found an interesting and very well done site a while back that is all about color and its influence on news design. Here's the url if you want to check it out:

By ookpik On 03/29/04  

that color project is super interesting, thanks!

my take on color in logos is that the colors should mean something (i.e., help tell you apart), and be simple. use color as a design element, instead of just making the logo full color (like the photos mentioned above!). it isn't a logo unless it is simple, i think.

honestly, in most of my projects i don't make a logo right away, i just pick a color. for example, my vagina website ( is pretty much just blue with a font, and the art collective i work with just identifies as orange ( i find it easier to pick a color that explains a project than draw a shape.

i really like your rocking horse logo. the monochrome greens to me evoke stuff like victorian toys and beatrix potter and classy childhood items. it is different than if it was pink and white (sissy, pretty, fluffy), or bright purple and yellow ("funky"). it would also be easy to print it as a black and white outline if necessary.

By ursonate On 03/29/04  

Shockingly enough, I think this is it:

unless it's this:

I <heart> google.

By copacetic On 03/29/04  

Ooh! What an interesting topic, and very timely as well 'cause I'm currently working on a new logo for my biz too! :)

I agree with the other ladies here: I think your logo is *very* effective in representing your business, and the color is perfect. And from what I've seen as well, most companies pick logos that will represent well in both color and b/w for faxes, copies, etc. I think your logo will be effective in b/w, too!

By paperdreams On 03/30/04  

Thanks everyone! I like the idea of keeping my color logo, and then when necessary using b/w.

I like your concept of thinking in terms of color before a logo, ookpik.

I think that color can be a scary thing for some people because it's so powerful, which is prob. why so many people use neutral colors for home decorating.

Here's another article about color marketing, that I found interesting:>

By tracey On 03/31/04  

i agree that logo's should be simple, but reflect your company and show personality. i always shy away from using photographs because it's just too fussy to reproduce later on over a range of print items. gradients and shades of colour work better, imo.

design with colours in mind for both light and dark backgrounds. you never know where your logo might end up!

they have logo templates at which are good inspiration for simple logos that work well.

consult the colour wheel for complementing colours

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