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By sowhat On 03/27/04  

I'm taking the first steps towards starting my own business.
I've been sewing and crafting for years but I'm pretty new to the business aspect of the operation.
I've been gathering lots of very useful info on the boards but I guess I wanted to ask about any other helpful sources (books, websites, etc.) that aby of you might have used or know about.....


By MoBo On 03/27/04

Your state's website should also have some info on starting up a business :-)

By raspsgirl On 03/27/04  

There's also our website:, we wrote up some advice on marketing, finances, selling, and lots of links to help you learn more. While it may be more Oregon specific on some levels, it could help answer a few of your questions


By sowhat On 03/28/04  

Actually Nedra, your website (which I found through the boards here) has been my main source of information. you girls have a great site that really got me going....
I still feel that I'm at a loss when it comes to the legal stuff, the permits, etc.
Maybe I'll take a look at my state's website (thanks SusceptibleGirl)....

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