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By denimqueen On 03/27/04  

just wondeing if anyone has a sewing pattern for a short cape. i guess you could call it a capelette. just one to cover the shoulders. i can picture a sophiticated 50's gal wearing one of these, but im at a loss for a pattern.

By bangletangle On 03/27/04  

I believe there was a pattern on It doesn't seem like it would be too hard to free-style a pattern once you had the general gist of it-maybe like a large triangle with no point?

By superpowers On 03/27/04  

This software program:>!/
Wild things, which is free, makes custom patterns for sewing several different accessory items, like hats, bags, wraps(including a cape pattern) and slippers! I haven't made anything from it but the cape pattern sounds like the sort of thing you are looking for!

By Melynn On 03/28/04  

My mom made one for a friend of her's. She got the pattern around Halloween. But she put a liner on the inside of it and it was really cool.


By denimqueen On 03/31/04  

thanks for the links/suggestions!

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