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By jesskbg On 03/27/04  

So I get this email today from someone I've never heard of. They're cussing and saying that I've been reported. Apparently someone is using my address to spam others with death threats. So now I have this person who's slandering me (by reporting me I guess) and I don't know what to do? Is this a big deal? Why do people suck so badly?

Thanks. I needed to vent.

By teagrrl On 03/27/04  

Could be that either they or you have a virus on their/your computer. There are viruses that send nasty emails to everyone in the address list/mailbox in question...I don't know any names or stuff but I hope someone else does, otherwise I'm sure there's info on antivirus sites.

If it's not a virus, it's a weirdo. :-)

I hope it works itself out!

(I'm sure there are other as well)

By SewPrettyChick On 03/29/04  

I can't belive this!
I got the weirdest email last night. Someone from a "Pets" related website said that I had email them and their computer recognized my email as a virus, and they wanted to know why I had contacted them. Attached was a link to what was supposed to be their website but I was afraid to open it (in case that was the real virus) and deleted it right then.

Is is possible someone is using my email account???

Now I'm freaking out.

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