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By jtsang On 03/27/04  

What are your pets' names?

Teriyakipuck asked me my dog's name in another thread so I thought we could introduce our dogs, cats, fish, hampsters etc.

I have a dog named grommet, she's a ridgeback shepard mix, and she's 3.

I also have a firebellied toad named frogito fernando boggsworth, two goldfish and two glass catfish.

My parents have my old pets, tj, formerly tarzan, a parakeet that we thought was a male but laid an egg, got renamed jane, and then my mom liked tj better, piper the canary and goldeen the goldfish. I took each of them home during a break from school or when i moved home at one time or another and they wanted to keep them :)


By Lulu Golightly On 03/27/04  

Currently I live with my parents, and therefore my beloved cat. The cutest thing I've ever seen, His name is Bølle.
I have two parakeets, a male: Cæsar (Ceasar), and the female: Sippe (which means prude in English).
And once we had a dog names Tarzan, a cocker spaniel (sp?). He was hit by a car, on friday the 13 th many years ago. I still miss him sometimes! :(

I also had two other parakeets, two females, but since I thought one of them was male I naver got to the remaning. The were "Skipper" (The male), and "Olivia".

I could go on with former pets... :)


By melmelon On 03/27/04  

We have a german shepherd, tara, who is 7. Two cats, sweetpea (the plastic bag eating, drool machine ) with the softest black fur EVER, and her daughter, princess, grey and white and a slight maniac and terror to squirrels.Sweetpea is 9 1/2 and princess is almost 8.
We have fish....well, just the cleaners...the gouramis just died....I am still in mourning.
My husband calls me the 'cat lady,' apparently its a bad thing - this is in part to my love of cats, but mainly towards my packrattish ways and how I can't seem to part with anything. I don't mind that, but I would need at least 10 more cats to be a cat lady....specifically an ornage and white one.

By Elf_Chick On 03/27/04  

"my" cat is really my grandpa's cat, Tabitha, but she's adopted me since he died (i guess because i'm at home the most and i defend her from the other cat and lavish attention on her). She's somewhere around 18 yrs old but no one believes it; she has been extremely well taken care of and loved, first by my grandfather and now by us! She's still quite nimble despite her age and having a pin in her hip (she was hit by a car years ago: she was my aunt's neighbors' cat originally but they were going to have her put to sleep when she got hit rather than pay to fix her up, so my aunt and grandpa split the cost of the procedure and she went to live with him henceforth). She's a calico and is the sweetest thing, and in photos she looks like she has black kohl eyeliner on all the time.

our other cat, Chloe, is my father's third child and is a spoiled thing if ever there was one. She's a silver tabby with green eyes and is a huge princess. i feel defensive of Tabby now so i have to deter Chloe from some of her natural instincts (esp. since she has claws and Tabby doesn't) so she's usually mad at me these days. {:[


By frenchkitty On 03/27/04  

Well I live with my parents as I'm 14, but our pets are:
the cat: Nappy, named because when we first got her she was so scared she'd hide and stay so still it'd look like she was "napping"

the horse: Macintosh, he's an "Apple"loosa, yes not very creative but oh well, and he's not a "pet" pet as he lives at the horse rescue/boarding barn

the koi fish: none of them really have names since you can't distinguish which is which and they live outside

my new beta: I just got him two days ago so he is nameless, I kind of want to name him "Dolce"

By aphasia On 03/27/04  

Dolce is a nice name!

I am the pet of Raphael the cat. He treats me pretty nice though, allowing me to feed him and rub his chin and ears until he's thoroughly satisfied. As a treat, I get to give him belly rubs. He will even let me sleep in the bed!

I met him 10 years ago in Mt Vernon, Washington when he was just a 7 week old Siamese Seal Point kitten living with his mom, a Tortie Point and his brothers and sisters who were all kinds of points, including a very beautiful lilac pointed sister. He has grown into a very handsome adult. He likes to go in the backyard and harass squirrels and birds. If I sit in a chair in the backyard and read, he will sit in the other chair next to me to make sure I stay put

He's my companion and soul mate. I love that furry little quadruped!

By lizzymahoney On 03/27/04  

I've got a 12 year old goldfish that is the daughter of a goldfish named Sheherazade and unknown father, though probably Othello. The 'rents died a few years back along with the dozen or so more of their peers over the years. My unnamed remaining goldfish is because I grew too attached to them when I named them all. But she has hybrid vigor that her fancy parents didn't. I call her Fish most of the time. I think I'm just as attached anyway. She's about 7 inches long and recognizes me no matter what fish experts say.

Two remaining cats out of five, Tsammikos and Thessalonika. Spirotikos, Esmerelda, Cassiopeia all have other homes. I was a foster parent to each. Spirotikos and Esme went back to their military mom and boring names.

Dogs Opa, Athena, Demeter, Spartacus, and Pepper. Spartacus was another foster child, returned to his original family and back to being Sparky. Ugh. Great dog, though, Australian cattle dog cross. Pepper is the only one remaining of them. She's another adoptee, but this time I kept her original name. Sometimes she's Pepperoncini. Her original family broke up entirely and she's mine forever now. Athena and Demeter were dump dogs. Athena lived at the dump until I rescued her and Demeter was literally dumped off the back of a truck in front of my car. Hunting dog gone bad and they didn't want to breed her, apparently. Coonhound. Precious girl.

My favorite chicken was Princess Stephanie, who turned out to be a Stephen. Favorite wildlife rehabs were Catchu Toi, the brokenwinged bluejay, and Pookie, the pinkie baby squirrel girl. I had to keep Catchu until she died, but Pooks probably has great great grand squirrels by now. She and her brother were originally named Friskies and Buffet, but when Friskies died I couldn't call Buffet by name. My boyfriend renamed her.

Lots of other pets and rehabs, but these definitely all have a piece of my heart.

By twistupgirl On 03/27/04  

I hope you guys don't mind a pretty long message, because I have a lot of pets.

Dogs: Corrina-my wolf hybrid (sweetest dog in the world, and the prettiest) and Scout-my redbone coonhound that I just got last week

Cats: Cookie and Liebe (the German word for love)

Ball Python: Grim

Turtles: Boxer and Green Weenie

Chickens: Mr. and Mrs. Itty Bitty, Henny, Penny, Foghorn, Killer, and about thirty others that don't have names

Turkeys: Tom, Jenny and Priss

Guinea: Ronald

My India Blue peacock is named Sid and I have four more peacocks that don't have names yet

The geese and ducks don't have names

Goats: Dottie, Speck, and Emily and an unnamed two month old baby.

I just realized that I need to get around to naming a bunch of animals. It is just so hard to remember them all when I go on a naming spree. We have had a bunch of animals die in the last two years due to stray dogs and hawks and whatnot. Some of them had some really good names, but I would feel guilty reusing them.

By stinkycretingrl On 03/27/04  


By cubby On 03/27/04  

We have two kick-ass cats:

'Pug' and 'Porkins'.

Pug - because my husband and I for years wanted a pug puppy but realized not only did we not have the money for one, but also were not ready to have a puppy in the house. But we also loved the name, thus, Pug.

Porkins - was the X-Wing fighter in Star Wars that got shot while trying to get to the reactor core of the Death Star. He was chubby, and on his helmet in clear letters was: PORKINS.

And it's ironic because our fat(tish) cat is Pug and the skinny minny is Porkins.

Hey - no one (including myself) has posted pics!

By Lyssalicious On 03/27/04  

Meet Molly the yellow Lab.

I think she's the cutest four-legged creature the world has ever known. She has about a million nicknames, including Trotsky (given her propensity not to walk or run, but trot) and the Molly Lama.

We got her four years ago on St. Patrick's Day, when she was just a few weeks old. She grew up into quite a beauty, says me. She's never so spoiled as when I come home.

By Xuli On 03/27/04  

Aslan, the most beautiful all-black kitty with bright yellow eyes, allows my boyfriend and me to share his apartment.

He also answers to (which for a cat means pricking up his ears, then ignoring us) Mr. Wormy Man, a name I gave him after an unfortunate health problem he had two years ago (this is actually what I call him when I'm being super-affectionate, when he's on my lap purring and I'm rubbing his nose and talking baby talk to him). And sometimes he answers to Bastard, which is the name his daddy gave him when he was a little kitten and liked to crawl under our covers at night and attack his daddy's feet (never mine, though).

By kittyroc On 03/27/04  

My dog's name is Neko and he is a boxer/pitt/? mix. He is a sweetie and just like his name he does act like a cat. He sleeps all the time and he rubs up to my leg when he wants attention. He's also a fraidy-cat because sometimes my husband will look at Neko and make deep growling sounds that make Neko run and hide behind me. Neko also really stinks and we call him Nekostink.

My other dog (really my husband's) is Bear. He is a black lab/doberman/sure there's german shepard in there mix and he's an old timer. His once pure black face has become sprinkled with white and he has arthritis in the cold seasons. But that doesn't stop him from scaring the crap out of the mailman when he has to come to the door. Bear is pretty intimidating but that's because he's really protective of the kids. He follows my daughter everywhere and when she naps he stays posted by her bed.

By xjessiex On 03/27/04  

we have two spunky little kittens who are brother and sister. they are named ryo (boy cat) and nozomi (girl cat). those of you familiar with the video game shenmue will recognize my nerdy husbands name choices. i was holding out for john and yoko, but alas, was outvoted by our roommate, another shenmue fan.

ryo is a snuggler who likes to be held as though he was a baby being burped, and has a penchant for muffins, crumb cakes and the like, while nozomi is more mysterious and aloof and will usually only meow if i am eating a tuna fish sandwich.

nozomi has wanderlust and about once a week i have a dream where i am saving her from some terrible situation. last week i chased her through a big y parking lot in massachusetts while a nuclear strike took place on the west coast. it was a ridiculously stressful dream.

i could go on... i've never had cats before, so i'm insanely in love with this pair. i'll post a picture in a bit.


By Katrin On 03/27/04  

3 cats, hence my soon-to-be business:

Fizzgig: Orange stripey with white belly, feet & face. I think he's about 10 but I'm not sure, 'cause he's an ex-stray who moved in with me about 8½ years ago. He's the love of my life.

Floyd (full name, Blue Floyd): Black & white tuxedo kitty - his all-black face disappears when he closes his eyes. My husband raised him from kittenhood (so he's my step-cat). He's also about 10 but still gets mistaken for a kitten because he's so small. He thinks he's boss.

Blanche (a.k.a. Bianca): Big brown/black stripey, 5 years old and the newest addition to the family - we adopted her about 5 months ago. She's the cuddliest and loudest-purring cat I've ever known. She's twice the size of the boys and tyrannizes them.

By costumekitten On 03/27/04  

my boy and i live with our two little kitties, jack and sally. we are both insanely obsessed with nightmare before christmas, hence the names. but they suit well, because jack is a black and grey striped tabby (like jack's tux) and sally is a calico (like sally's patchwork dress). yes we are big dorks. :) jack is a little tough guy and loves to sit in the kitchen sink when we cook. sally is the sweetest kitty ever with her little squeaky meow and big green eyes. they are both almost two years old. we got sally from a girl who had picked her up at a walmart parking lot but her mom said no more cats. my friend's kitty sponge-isis had a litter of kittens and so i picked jack out when he was two days old.

i wish i could have more kitties, but we live in a little apartment. i also have many other kitty friends at the petsmart where i volunteer and take care of them once a week.

yay for animal friends! :)

By meep On 03/27/04  

Titan is my 2 year old shepard/boxer mix...he's a freak...he refuses to eat anymore than 1 cup of dog food in a day and then only when i'm home, but not in the same room...he also takes any snacks i give him and runs off and hides with them so i wont see him eat...i'm constantly finding odd bits of dog food around the house...however today he ate about 3 pounds of spicy gummy chili pepper candy and a whole bag of dog treats while i was at work...I dont have a clue as to how he got into either of these...oh well at least he ate something today....he also thinks he's a cat...he lays on his back and batts his toys around with his front paws, plays with my balls of yarn when i forget to put them away, and loves to stand on top of the car....he insists he's a lap dog even tho he's way to big....he looks exactly like santa's little helper (the dog from the simpsons) only he's tan with a black nose but hes got the hyperactive yet skittish personality and the ribs sticking out...(the vet swears hes healthy and eating enough) his favorite game is playing with the flashlight on the ceiling. he will chase it for hours...I think he's part kangaroo...from standing still he can jump straight up and get to within 3 inches of the ceiling...and from a run he's gotten his hind legs to my shoulders (i'm 5'9") it's crazy to watch

By teriyakipuck On 03/27/04  

How fun are all these names!?!!!

Napster: my parents just took him home with them today as he is not allowed in the dorm and they don't want me to get fined if I get caught. He was a stray. He naps all day (so I napped with him instead of being productive... he was a bad influence!), hence the name. Also, because you can get in trouble for using Napster for mp3's, and Napster kitty is not allowed in the dorm, it is apropos. I miss him already, and I'm all alone here for spring break :o( Full name: Napster Honeypot Swizzlestick III.

Fiend: you can see him at

Zero: black cat. Fiend's best friend.

Poots, rest his kitty soul.

Chiquita, rest her soul (sugar glider). She died this month :o(

Sugar Bowl: the full-grown cat that looks like a kitten and is tiny. A.K.A. Permakitten.

Potato: Sugar Bowl's bigger brother.

several other farm cats: ALL NAMES ARE INTERCHANGEABLE. These 4 or 5 cats have no specific names, but have been randomly called: Farfignugen, Cornholio, Puppy, Shardface, Puppycat, Pooper-de-duper, the Long-Haired Cat, Corn, Tomato, Strawberry, Shunt, Wild Cat, Thundercats Ho!, Meanie, Scaredy-cat. Cutie, Cutie-Patooti, Hissy-Fit, Crazy, Muff II.
(They don't seem to mind that they don't have a real name. They don't like people, they just like food!)

By amigarabita On 03/27/04  

glitter folks have lots of pets. i, however, have only the requisite one cat (to even be on glitter!) moby's name is, well, moby. named by the humane society and not after the baldy pop star.

we recently had a betta fish for about two days named "wesley elizabeth clarke" by my six year old daughter (who was obsessed with political signage).

By hightide On 03/28/04  

In the course of a move, my sister offloaded her 5 siamese fighting fish on me. They had been given to her as an unwanted gift, so what better to do than to repeat it! I haven't named them yet, but I'm thinking about naming them after exes 'cause the fish recognize me, show off for a minute, and then get lazy again.

By swank On 03/28/04  

i have one cat - his name is Zorak Ramone as he is a crazy space villain with an affinity for the ramones and likes to pretend he's a memeber of the band.

By funkychicken On 03/28/04  

Dog: her name is pepper because her coat is the same color as ground pepper. brindle I think it's called. She's evil.

Cat: her name is ruby sue, but I always end up calling her KiKi

I have a 60 gallon tank full of fish, but we never named them. *shrug*

By lizzymahoney On 03/28/04  

hehe, don't let that stop you: I had 130 gal and named them all... But they were goldfish, probably bigger and longer lived than your fish.

My Pepper is nothing at all like ground pepper. (Brindled is correct.) She's golden retriever colored with the long black guard hairs of her other lineage.

By amigarabita On 03/29/04  

i should have mentioned that my cat is actually a human in a cat suit.

By jeansweasel On 03/29/04  

Meet my 2 cats and 1 ferret:

Thalia(named after the Dobie Gillis character)
is a white,skinny runt of a cat that used to live in the cabinets! she likes to talk a lot so we think she may be part siamese.

the Kitty (called so for the same reason as "permakitten")is a tabby-looking cat with white socks and collar.she's the boss of the house and likes to be in on whatever you're doing.

Pearl is our remaining ferret- a sable. she was named after part of a Geraldine Fibbers song,but well,she is sort of a grimy,hyper trinket-like pet! Now that she's the only weasel of the house,she is starting to get friendly with the cats. They don't cuddle or anything,but we don't have to worry about them tearing each other up.they sort of play chase games.

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