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By topazdebutante On 03/26/04  

I am a journalism student and I like to write short stories for fun. Would anyone be interested in all of us swapping stories? Or maybe compliing a book?

By MonkeyMagic On 03/26/04  

I would be interested!!! My email is in profile

By antigone On 03/26/04  

YES!!! A BOOK!!!!!!

By earthborn7 On 03/26/04  

that sounds like a really cool idea... poetry too or just short stories?... are you going to do this as swap... or we can all send like however many copies of our stories to one person... and they can just put em together and send them out... that would be cool... i would be willing to help with all the stapling and stuff... we could send a couple bucks for mailing to the person in charge...


By jtsang On 03/26/04  

sounds like fun, i haven't written a short story since college. i miss writing class sometimes


By Lulu Golightly On 03/27/04  

Sounds cool :) My email is in my profile.


By antigone On 03/27/04  

we could do it digitally and have it printed somewhere? And there could be illustrations as well!!!
*excited* antigone

By amigarabita On 03/28/04  

i'll try to write a story, or an essay? i also haven't written a short story in forever. sounds like fun tho!

By advil On 03/29/04  

Sounds good! Are you looking for something in particular, or can we just write without boundaries? I mean, did you want to make a zine, a journal, or a collage of texts? I would be glad to participate!

By wendy_darling On 03/29/04  

Oh that would be so cool! Count me in! I did a ton of lit mag work in college and I miss it a lot. If you need any help, feel free to email me.

By hazel1 On 03/29/04  

I'm in too! email is in my profile...


By lilmissunshine On 03/29/04  

absolutely!! i have been looking for an outlet like that for a while now... let's make a plan!


By Dinah On 03/29/04  

Hi -- I'm a long time lurker (like almost two years now...) but I'm finally ready to come out as a member of the Glitterati. I'd love to be involved; my email's in the profile.

By wendy_darling On 03/31/04  

**bumpity bump**

Any ideas about the best way to do this?

By denimqueen On 03/31/04  

I might be interested in profile.

By Trixie On 03/31/04  

ooh! I would be interested as well! I will keep my eye here, but you can also email's in my profile. +Trix

By crazybones On 04/01/04  

this sounds fun!

By wendy_darling On 04/02/04  

**bump again**

I'd think the best way to do this would be to take everyone's submissions (fiction, poetry, essays, whatever) and let those determine the form of the finished product. Does that sound reasonable? We could set a submission date for a few weeks from now. Say, April 23? What does everyone think?

topazdebutante, I really hope I'm not treading on your toes or anything. I'm really not intending to, I just wanted to keep the momentum up. You can email me if you'd like.

By bitter cold On 04/03/04  

sounds fun, i'm interested

By ChinaDoll On 04/04/04  

Me too!!!

As soon as I get brother to fix my laptop. LOL


By wendy_darling On 04/07/04  

Okay, let's get this moving. I was just going to email everyone, but not everyone has a public email address. I think this can be pretty simple:

DEADLINE: April 30
CONTENT: anything your little heart desires - short stories, experimental fiction, poetry, essays, illustrations, collage, musical compositions...

You can either email me your submissions ( or, if that isn't possible, email me anyway and I'll give you my street address.

I'm thinking that the best way to assemble everything will be zine-style. It may end up costing a buck or two, but I'm not sure about that. I'm so excited about this!

Anyone got a good name?

By MonkeyMagic On 04/07/04  

sounds good! should we try to think of a theme? or just write about whatever?

By wendy_darling On 04/07/04  

Write about whatever you want!

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